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Broad Stock Selloff Presents Opportunities; Friday Jobs Report Looms Large

DOW Erases All 2014 Gains On Broad Selloff; Friday Jobs Number At 0830 Looms Large; These Kind Of Selloffs Present Opportunities All three major stock indices experienced a broad-based selloff today as investors stampeded to the exits. What is more worrisome, is that the selling accelerated into the close on big volume — a […]

Former NSA Dir. Tells Foreign Policy Why He Thinks He’s Worth $1M Per Month

Former NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander Tells Foreign Policy Why He Thinks He’s Worth One Million Dollars Per Month Shane Harris has a July 29, 2014 article in Foreign Policy with former NSA Director General (retired) Keith Alexander, who discusses the new cyber security company he is co-founding; and, why he’s worth one million […]

Kremlin Floats An Exit Strategy; Separatists’ Faults May Give Putin A Way Out

Financial Times July 31, 2014 A surreal week with the Donetsk rebels By Guy Chazan A bizarre kidnap and escape illustrate the transformation of the city, says Guy Chazan Alexei, a 28-year-old historian, was walking down the street in his home town, Donetsk, a couple of weeks ago when armed men from the “Vostok” battalion […]

The CIA’s Man In The Libyan Civil War

The CIA’s Man in the Libyan Civil War From retirement in ‘rural Virginia’ to Libya’s top rebel commander boring/the-cias-man-in-the- libyan-civil-war-1dd07cd5ddef Gen. Khalifa Haftar’s life has been a colorful one. It also raises questions about how deeply the U.S. intelligence community is involved in the Libyan civil war. Born around 1943, Haftar was a revolutionary […]

Just How Likely Is Another World War? By Grahan Allison

Conclusion: So which are more salient: the similarities or differences? Weighing the array on both sides, would a Martian strategist comparing conditions in January 1914 with those at the beginning of 2014 judge the likelihood today of great-power war significantly higher or lower? For the “complacent” who live in what Gore Vidal labeled the “United […]

USAF Looking Ahead To 6th Generation Fighter Plane

General: Air Force already looking ahead to 6th-generation fighter plane By Jon Harper Stars and Stripes Published: July 29, 2014 us/general-air-force-already- looking-ahead-to-6th- generation-fighter-plane-1. 295821 us/general-air-force-already- looking-ahead-to-6th- generation-fighter-plane-1. 295821 Gen. Michael Hostage F-35’s no-show at UK air show disappoints The failure of the Joint Strike Fighter to travel to England this week for a […]

China/Russia Radars On Track To Defeat U.S. Stealth Technology Chinese and Russian Radars On Track To See Through U.S. Stealth By: Dave Majumdar Updated: July 30, 2014 1:05 PM An F-35B Lightning II aircraft takes off from the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD-1) in 2013. A former senior Navy official told USNI News its stealth protection could be pierced by new Chinese […]