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Best Aug. For Stocks In 14yrs.; Bought Shares Of EXAS

Best August For Stocks In 14 Years; What Lies Ahead In September?; Bought Shares Of Exact Sciences (EXAS) It is Labor Sunday, as the traditional end of summer quickly approaches, football is back in focus, major league baseball is in the stretch run — and, Wall Street money managers and traders will return to […]

U.S. Army Sees ‘Megacities’ As Future Battlefield

U.S. Army Sees ‘Megacities’ As The Future Battlefield Paul McLeary, writing in the August 30, 2014 edition of, writes, “when the U.S. Army looks to the future, it sees cities. Dense, sprawling, congested cities, where criminal and extremist groups flourish almost undetected by authorities, but who can influence the lives of the population — […]

China’s Plan To Modnernize It’s Navy’s ASW Fleet China Air and Naval Power Saturday, August 30, 2014 PLAN ASW Modernization The Chinese navy has done a lot of modernization in the past 20 years, but some areas have been lagging behind others. Even while China was still buying large ticket items from Russia, there was a lot of talks on China’s growing […]

EU Threatens Russia With More Sanctions

EU Threatens Russia With More Sanctions Aug 31st 2014 7:13AM 701 Comments French President Francois Hollande addresses the media at the end of an EU summit in Brussels, early Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014. The European Union is giving Russia a one-week ultimatum to scale back its intervention in Ukraine or face additional economic sanctions. (AP […]

Senator Feinstein: Obama ‘Too Cautious’ On ISIS

THE HILL Sunday, August 31, 2014 Feinstein: Obama ‘Too Cautious’ on ISIS by Martin Matishak “I think I’ve learned one thing about this president, and he’s very cautious,” she said. The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said that President Obama has perhaps been “too cautious” in confronting the militant group the Islamic State in […]

Inside The Mind Of A Western Jihadist; The Allure Of The Islamic State For Young Westerners; And, How Britain Is Creating A Terrorist State From Within

Inside The Mind Of A Western Jihadist: U.K. Citizen Who Lived The Experience Describes The Allure Of The Islamic State For Young Westerners; The Deadly Peril It Poses; How London Is Creating A Terrorist State — From Within Shiraz Maher, a U.K. citizen who lived the experience of a Western jihadist– and, lived to […]

China’s Xi Urges Army To Create Strategy For Info Warfare

China’s Xi Urges Army to Create Strategy for Information Warfare File photo of China’s President Xi Jinping waiting before a welcoming ceremony outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing . View photo China’s President Xi Jinping waits before a welcoming ceremony outside the Great Hall of the People … xi-urges-army-create-strategy- information-warfare-130411053. html […]