Saudi Foreign Minister: Fighting The Islamic State In Syria Requires ‘Boots On The Ground’

Saudi Foreign Minister: Fighting The Islamic State In Syria Requires ‘Boots On The Ground’

Al Arabiya News, is reported in their December 3, 2014 edition that Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saudi al-Faisal told an international conference of the partners in the coalition against ISIS (at a conference in Brussels on Wed.) that “countering terrorism in Syria will take a long time; and, require the present of combat troops. It is out of the Kingdom’s keenness on the continuation of this coalition; and, the success of its efforts, — we believe that these efforts require the presence of combat troops,” Prince al-Faisal said. To achieve the goal that the coalition has articulated, Prince al-Faisal said there is “an urgent need to strengthen the forces of moderation represented in the Syrian Free Army; and, all other moderate forces,” there. “This matter would unite the efforts of these forces to be used to purge the Syrian territory of all terrorists organizations, which occupy one-third of Syria’s territory,” he said. Referring to Iraq, the Saudi Foreign Minister said combatting terrorism “requires the unity of the internal front,” and the “restructure of the army under a collective doctrine.”

Nothing here that any other seasoned veteran in the Middle East hasn’t already observed. And, we also need an intelligence collection presence on the ground; and hopefully, the Arab members of the coalition are helping in this area — because it is certainly needed, V/R, RCP

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