In Recognition Of 73rd Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor

In Recognition of The 73rd Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor, And The Great Sacrifices Our Veteran Made — A New Country Song, “I Am The Flag Of America,” Is Available At iTunes And

For those of you who follow, or access this blog, I wanted to make you aware of a new country song, “I Am The Flag Of America,” written by Charles Nicholson and sung Tommy Mercer of Arlington, Texas — that is now available on iTunes and for ninety-nine cents. Tommy is a personal friend of mine and he and Mr. Nicholson have generously decided to dedicate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the song, to various Veteran’s charities, aiding those veterans who have been wounded in combat. I hope you find the song inspirational, as I did; and, for a good cause. Tommy and Mr. Nicholson provided me the additional background information below on the thoughts and message behind the song:

The concept for writing “I am the Flag of America:”

“A Marine walks outside of a building and sits down on steps. A Marine can’t cry but he sheds a tear. He begins to talk to the Lord about how he feels about his country. “Is it even worth going back and fighting for?” All of the sudden a big bright light appears over the Marine. The Lord tells him why he has to go back and fight for his country. Just as our forefathers who fought and died for us so that today we could still be free. The Marine then said to the Lord, “I guess since you put it that way, it’s worth fighting for.” The Marine turned around to thank the Lord but the Lord wasn’t there. He saw a huge flag boldly standing at attention and waving in the wind. Yes, it was the Flag of America.”

“Now, for all military around the world, we present to you our banner song written by Charles Nicholson and sung by Tommy Mercer. On this Pearl Harbor weekend , we pay a special tribute to our Flag of America. To all troops around the world, we salute you.”

I hope that you will find the song as inspirational as I did; and, it’s message that America has a lot to be proud of — a message that is sorely needed right now…for a variety of reasons. Good luck Tommy and Mr. Nicholson.

I also want to make it clear, that I offered to put this note out for Tommy and Mr. Nicholson – pro bono; and, I am not, nor will not, — receive any of the proceeds from the sale of the song. V/R, RCP

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