Senate CIA Interrogation Report Attached At Link Below


See the Executive Summary at the link above; or, go to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence website.

What a country. Neither the Director, Deputy Director, CIA General Counsel, nor any of the CIA Operations Officers –ACTUALLY INVOLVED IN THE PROGRAM — were ever interviewed for this “comprehensive investigation.” Reminds me of the movie where Jack Nicholson burst out in a courtroom — “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.’ Or, as the old saying goes, if you can’t stand the answer — don’t ask the question. And, only Democratic staffers were part of the ‘investigation.’

Furthermore, the POTUS, the Attorney General, White House Counsel, and the ‘Gang of Eight’ — Ranking Dems and Republicans on the Intelligence Committee — were briefed years and years ago when the program was initially conceived and approved.

And, isn’t it just a bit curious that this report is released the same day that MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber is testifying on his radioactive comments on Obamacare — saying in essence that the American people had to be deceived in order to get the bill passed? V/R, RCP

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