‘Dwarfs Castrated,’ Children Sent For Chemical Weapons Tests; How North Korea Is ‘Purging’ The Disabled – Because They Humiliate The Regime’

‘Dwarfs Castrated,’ Children Sent For Chemical Weapons Tests; How North Korea Is ‘Purging’ The Disabled – Because They Humiliate The Regime’


No, it isn’t ‘Game of Thrones,’ or ancient Sparta. Only in the land of nightmarish North Korea would something like the title above actually be believable. The warrior Spartans reportedly threw deformed babies, or those deemed inferior, over the cliff of a mountain — because all male children grew up learning how to become a fierce warrior and the “Navy SEALS, or Delta Team of the ancient world. The main historical source for this claim has been Plutarch, who wrote glowing accounts on Spartan warriors such as Leonidas — who led the fight of “The Last Stand of the 300,” at Thermopylae, in his work, Parallel Lives,” which he wrote during the first century of the Roman Empire. However, some doubt has been cast on these claims, as archeological digs in the area in question has failed to produce the bones of infants — in the numbers one would expect if such an assertion was true. The same, may not be said with respect to North Korea.

Simon Tomlinson, writing on the December 11, 2014 website for London’s TheDailyMailOnline, says that “North Korea is systematically purging its disabled population, by making them disappear from public sight, subjecting them to chemical weapons tests; and, castrating them,” according to defectors now residing outside of North Korea. Ji Seong-ho, 32, who [reportedly] escaped North Korea, “after he himself suffered horrific treatment, losing a leg and a hand, said Kim Jong-Un’s regime felt ‘humiliated by them.” Mr. Tomlinson wrote. Mr. Seong-ho claims “babies with mental and physical disabilities are routinely snatched from hospitals; and, left to suffer ‘indescribable things’ until they die.” Two other defectors from North Korea told TheDailyMailOnline about “a remote mountain region that had effectively been turned into an asylum to house people with dwarfism.” Mr. Seong-ho, who is researching a book on the abuse of North Korea’s disabled population said: “They were forbidden to leave.” “The men were castrated, so they would become extinct. There’s no one left there by now,” he said.

“Another defector told of a government program where disabled people are reportedly sent for medical experiments such as the ‘dissection of body parts,’ and ‘tests of biological and chemical weapons,” Mr. Tomlinson noted. Im Cheon-yong, a former officer [reportedly] in North Korea’s special forces, told London’s TheDailyTelegraph, that “the regime wants to do this legally, so they offer to buy the disabled children from their parents. If that doesn’t work, they threaten them.” Mr. Im told TheDailyMail that he defected in the 1990s, after witnessing chemical and biological testing on disabled children and adults.” Mr. Seong-ho said he lost his left leg above the knee; and, his left hand at the wrist…after being run over by a train while scavenging for coal at the age of 14.” After the accident, Mr. Seong-ho said he was “dumped into a wheelbarrow by the railway staff — and, taken to a hospital, where he was forced to undergo two amputations — without anaesthetic.”

There is no reason not to believe these latest allegations of horrific abuse of the disabled by the thuggish, murdering regime of Kim Jong-Un. I also think that Dante Alighieri had it wrong in his epic, 14th century poem, Divine Comedy.” In it, he writes something along these lines, “the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of crisis or great conflict — take a position of neutrality.” It would seem to me, that ISIS has some company in these hottest places in hell — and, they are the North Korean Kim regime, and their enablers. V/R, RCP

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