Germany’s Highest Court Rejects Attempts To Allow Edward Snowden Into Germany

Germany’s Highest Court Rejects Attempts To Allow Edward Snowden Into Germany

Kate Connolly, writing in the December 12, 2014 edition of the London newspaper, TheGuardian, says that “attempts by opposition parties in Germany to bring [U.S. fugitive] Edward Snowden to Berlin to give evidence about NSA’s operations — have been thwarted by the country’s highest court. Germany’s “Green and Left parties wanted the whistleblower [leaker] to give evidence — in person — to a German parliamentary committee investigating espionage by the U.S. agency; but, Germany’s constitutional court ruled [today] Friday. Lawyers on behalf of the German government, successfully argued that “Snowden’s presence in Germany could impair relations with the United States; and, put pressure on Berlin to extradite him.”

Lawyers, and others have urged Berlin to send the investigating committee to Moscow to interview Mr. Snowden there; but, the U.S. fugitive has previously said he would only talk to the German committee in person — in Germany.

Mr. Snowden is likely in for some interesting times in Russia. Moscow is heavily dependent on revenues from the sale of oil — between 30 percent – 40 percent of the country’s yearly net GDP. If oil were to stay at these depressed levels, below $60 per barrel, Putin and his government could find themselves in turmoil; and perhaps even fall victim to a purge or coup. V/R, RCP.

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