Islamic State Imposes Strict New Order In Mosul — And, Deprivation Is The Result

Islamic State Imposes Strict New Order In Mosul — And, Deprivation Is The Result

Ben Hubbard, writing on this morning’s New York Times online/website, reports that “as the school year began in Mosul, Iraq, the largest city controlled by the Islamic State, the extremists sent a message to teachers: Report for work or lose your jobs.” The Islamic State also has some new rules for the school children and teachers: Males and females will be split up; girls must swap their gray skirts and blouses for black gowns and veils to cover their faces; sports are only for boys; civics classes are canceled; while at the University of Mosul, one of Iraq’s top institutions, the schools of Fine Arts, Political Science and Law — were deemed un-Islamic and shuttered,” Mr. Hubbard writes.

Six months after ‘taking over’ Iraq’s second largest city, Mr. Hubbard writes that “the result has been a life of depravation, fear, and confusion for the city’s roughly one million remaining residents, according to interviews with 15 people reached by phone inside Mosul, whose full identities have been withheld to prevent [attribution], and retribution. Electricity has been cutoff for months,” Mr. Hubbard adds, and “spotty maintenance has made tap water undrinkable. Residents now chlorinate it, boil it, or filter it through rugs. The Islamic State trucks in fuel from Syria for cars and generators; but, the fuel is expensive, and fills the street with black smoke. Shops still sell food, but prices are up because the Islamic State taxes trucks entering its areas.”

“In hospitals, factories, and schools, the Islamic State has appointed “emirs” to oversee operations. From his office in the Islamic State-occupied education administration, an Egyptian known as Thu al-Qarnain, a name from the Quran, has called for wide-ranging changes — including striking the word “Iraq’ from textbooks,” Mr. Hubbard wrote. “But the implementation has been spotty Mohammad said, because the Islamic State lacks personnel. Gunmen near his school ensure there is no gender mixing; but, there are too few [Islamic State members] to redact material in textbooks, and/or, monitor classes.” “They are too occupied with the war,” Mohammad said. “The most important thing for them is that we say they are the state.”

These kind of tactics are similar to practices the group has used in other parts of Iraq. “Many of Fallujah’s residents have fled since the militant fighters took over earlier this year; but, morality police frequently patrol, and recently castigated young men for swimming in the Euphrates River — because women might see them,” Mr. Hubbard wrote. This month, amid rumors gathering ground troops from the area to fight the Islamic State, the group instituted a “sponsorship” system,” Mr. Hubbard writes, “whereby anyone wishing to leave the city must register with a “sponsor” who would remain in the city; and, could be arrested if the traveler did not return.”

“The Islamic State does maintain some local support,” Mr. Hubbard notes, “it has heavily recruited men from Mosul’s poor hinterlands for its ‘Islamic Police,” giving them guns, salaries, and patrol cars and, arranging their marriages. Checkpoints appear randomly. Gunmen check ID’s and search men’s cellphones — looking for secular songs…or, chats with girls. Punishments range from lectures to lashings.” Rape of women is common, and men seem to disappear with regularity. Appeals to the Islamic Court often go unanswered.

What a horrible existence under the rule of these most despicable human beings. V/R, RCP

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