Taliban Storm Pakistani School Killing 126 — Majority Of Those Killed Students

Taliban Storm Pakistani School Killing 126 — Majority Of Those Killed Students


Riaz Khan, writing on this morning’s Associated Press website, notes that “Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar – today, killing 126. The overwhelming majority of those killed were students, Mr. Kahn writes…which has teenagers in grades 1-10. “The horrific attack, carried out by a small number of militants from the Tehreek-e-Taliban, a Pakistani militant group trying to overthrow the [Pakistani] government, also sent dozens of wounded flooding into local hospitals, as terrified parents searched for their children. The attack began in the early morning hours, with about a half dozen gunmen entering the school — and shooting at random. Pakistani Army commandos quickly arrived on the scene and began exchanging gunfire. This school is known to be the location where many of the upper echelon of Pakistan’s military send their children to school.

Taliban spokesman Mohammad Khursani claimed responsibility for the attack, in a phone call to the media, saying six suicide bombers carried out the attack.–0 in revenge for the killings of Taliban members at the hands of Pakistani authorities. Mr. Khan writes that “the Pakistani military launched the military operation near the nearby North Waziristan tribal area in June, vowing it would go after all militant groups that had been operating in the region. Tuesday’s attack brings into question whether the militants have been crippled; or, will be able to regroup.”

And remember, Pakistan has well over 100 nuclear weapons, according to open source reporting. This bears watching. V/R, RCP

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