U.S. Set To Officially Blame North Korea For Sony Hack

U.S. Set To Officially Blame North Korea For Sony Hack


Matt Johnston, writing on the Business Insider website this evening (Dec. 17, 2014), reports that “the U.S. Government is planning to announce tomorrow (Thur., Dec. 18) that North Korea is directly responsible for the recent Sony hack.” Business Insider cited CNN as a source for their article.

Mr. Johnston adds that “a threat against U.S. theaters planning to show Sony Corporation’s controversial [I don’t agree calling it controversial] about the assassination of the leader of North Korea, was published on the Internet Tuesday. It promised a “bitter fate” for those who went to the movie “The Interview,” a comedy whose villain is North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. The movie was scheduled for release on Christmas Day; but, Sony canceled the release late this afternoon (Wednesday).

The U.S., and Sony Corporation in particular, need to find a way to extract — to the degree we can — damages and reparations that North Korea will have to pay to the United States and Sony Corporation. But, these financial damages should not be held against North Korea as a country, that would only hurt the populace. the U.S. needs to go after any Kim family regime financial and other assets that can be tied to their personal wealth. If we have access and any influence over any international bank accounts or transactions that can be linked to the Kim family and his inner circle, then we need to go after those assets with a vengeance. We also should — to the extent we can — prevent the luxury items that the Kim family regime values the most; and, attempt to make those items hard/harder to acquire, and hopefully much more expensive. Proceeds of course, would go to the Sony Corporation first, and the U.S. Government second. Other punitive measures should also be implemented — but, against Kim Jong-Un and his family personally — and, not North Korea as a country. V/R, RCP

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