Navy SEAL Who Claims To Have Shot Osama Bin Laden – Under Investigation By Naval Criminal Investigative Service For ‘Allegedly Revealing Unauthorized Special Ops Secrets About The Raid

Navy SEAL Who Claims To Have Shot Osama Bin Laden – Under Investigation By Naval Criminal Investigative Service For ‘Allegedly Revealing Unauthorized Special Ops Secrets About The Raid

Kieran Corcoran, writing on the London newspaper website — TheDailyMail — this evening, reports that “the Navy SEAL Team 6 member who recently unveiled himself as the man who shot Osama bin Laden, is reportedly being investigated,” by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) — for allegedly revealing crucial, and perhaps classified details of the raid. Rob O’Neil, who came out publicly and was interviewed several times on Fox News last month, was reportedly and repeatedly warned by the U.S. Navy’s top leaders, not to go on air and speak publicly about his participation in the secretive mission…but, did so anyway, and spoke at length about his role.” NCIS’s website states that the military investigative unit — “usually only investigates allegations that could lead to a year or more in prison.”

Fox News aired a lengthy, two-part interview with Mr. O’Neil last month, “in which he gave his life story up to the bin Laden raid, which he described in detail, and sometimes in a minute-by-minute fashion,” Mr. Corcoran writes.

As The Daily Mail notes, some have argued that Mr. O’Neil did not disclose anything of any real value; and argue that this comments were not any more egregious than other previous comments — by the White House and other high-level Obama administration officials. During the interview with Fox News, Mr. O’Neal “told how he shot Osama bin Laden three times in the head — after leaping from a helicopter — along with his teammates — and assaulting bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Other SEALs on the mission with Mr. O’Neal say it is impossible to know if he was the actual shooter who fired the fatal shot,” The Daily Mail noted.

Shane Harris, writing on the website, The Daily Beast, this evening, writes that “former special operations officials, as well as other sources who are familiar with the bin Laden raid, accused O’Neil of misstating key facts; and, wrongly taking credit for killing the world’s most wanted man.” Mr. Harris adds that “fellow SEAL Mark Bissonnette also claims to have shot bin Laden; while others say an unidentified third SEAL actually fired the fatal shot.” As Mr. Harris notes, Mr. Bisonnette is currently under investigation for revealing details of the bin Laden raid and other technical aspects of a special operations raid in his book, No Easy Day, which he reportedly declined to fully vet with military censors prior to its publication.”

I am not surprised that this news is breaking as we are on the eve of Christmas and many people will not be as tuned to any news, much less — news of this kind. And, I sure hope there won’t be a double-standard applied to Mr. O’Neil, when other high-level Obama administration officials also revealed facts about the mission — facts that at the time — they were not reportedly authorized to make. V/R,RCP

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