Al-Qaeda Urges ‘Lone Wolf’ Jihadists To Strike American Airlines, United, Delta In Latest Issue Of Its ‘Magazine

Al-Qaeda Urges ‘Lone Wolf’ Jihadists To Strike American Airlines, United, Delta In Latest Issue Of Its ‘Magazine

London’s TheDailyMailOnline, is reporting in their December 28, 2014 edition, that “al-Qaeda has called for a new generation of ‘lone wolf’ terrorists to blow up American Airlines, United, and Delta, — using bombs made in their kitchen. The chilling call to arms,’ the publication said, “in al-Qaeda’s terror magazine — Inspire — “says high-profile airlines should be targeted in a bid to gain headlines, and ‘crush the enemy’s economy.'”

“Released on Christmas Eve, the disturbing publication names four companies because of their size — including United, the world’s largest airline with 86,852 employees.’ Also targeted were Air France, and British carrier — British Airways, and EasyJet — alongside high-profile U.S. figures…Bill Gates, and former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke. Continental Airlines is also singled out, despite the fact that it stopped flying planes under its name two years ago after merging United to form United Continental Holdings,” the publication noted.

The magazine praised Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called ‘underpants bomber,’ was jailed for life in 2012 after his failed attempt to set off a bomb on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. The 300 people onboard were save partly because the bomb — sewn into his underwear — failed to detonate fully, prosecutors said.

The latest edition of Inspire Magazine also contained instructions for would-be suicide bombers who want to bypass airport security. The guide reportedly was used as a template for the Boston Marathon bombing in April, 2013. Inspire reportedly interviewed the “al-Qaeda chef,” who claimed the Boston bombing was a “natural reaction” to the “arrogance” of the United States,” TheDailyMail said. ‘The Chef,’ said the ‘first priority’ of any of his jihadists would be the U.S., then the United Kingdom, then France, and so on.”

“And, he called for the rise of the ‘lone wolf’ jihadist saying: “It is hard to uncover, because none knows him but Allah. He [the lone wolf] has no relationship with any groups or individuals,” thus making them nearly impossible to discover and thwart beforehand — i.e., the recent attacks in Canada and Australia. The magazine also praised the recent axe attack on a group of New York City policemen in October — as a ‘splendid’ example of a lone wolf.’

In light of the recent hack on Sony, one also has to worry that al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, others watched and learned from — and, perhaps plotting a cyber attack of their own. V/R, RCP.

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