12 Disruptive Technologies To Keep An Eye On In 2015

12 Disruptive Technologies To Keep An Eye On In 2015


Abagail Klein Leichman, writing on an Israeli website had an interesting article on 12 disruptive technologies to keep an eye on in 2015. These are Israeli companies; but, there are ideas here that also apply to areas of technology plays here stateside. And, several of the companies below are publicly traded. If you are interested in investing in U.S. companies in this innovative area; you can easily type in the particular domain in Google, Yahoo, et., and add 2015 and potential investment opportunities — and, will probably find some good articles. I may do that myself.

Ms. Leichman begins by highlighting that: Space-tech, cyber-tech, argo-tech, biotech, wearable tech, high-tech, are all areas set to undergo disruptive change in 2015. “We’re going to see some exciting innovations next year,” predicts Nimrod Kozlovski, a partner in Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and JVP Cyber Labs in Beersheva Israel. While the 12 areas listed below are from an Israeli perspective — they have relevance to the U.S. technology sector as well. The 12 are, as noted by Ms. Leichman:

1) Computer Vision: Advances in technology using smart algorithms to teach computers how to make sense of what they “see;” is expected to make leaps forward in 2015. MobilEye and BriefCam grabbed headlines on 2014 for automotive and security computer vision — respectively — Ms. Leichman writes. “Next year,” she notes, “look for advances in entertainment, augmented reality, and wearable computing. Companies to watch: Infinity Augmented Reality, working on technology enabling 3D digital representation of one’s surroundings on any device, and interacting intuitively with that content; RSIP Vision, which provides customized, advanced computer vision technology for everything from the operating room, to the smartphone; RTC Vision, serving markets including medical imaging, security and surveillance.

2) Wearable and Mobile Health Devices: “This global trend will keep gathering steam in 2015,” Ms. Leichman writes, Israeli-made face, and-eye-tracking sensors could be embedded in smart watches, and other wearable devices — to measure sobriety, and diagnose conditions ranging from ADHD to concussions, to Alzheimer’s. Companies to watch include: Umoove – face and eye-tracking software for mobile devices; Oxitone wearable pulse oximetry platform; MobileOCT, software to turn a smartphone into a diagnostic tool for detecting cervical cancer; MeMed Diagnostics, a novel assay that accurately distinguishes between bacterial and viral infections;

3) Machine-to-Machine, and Machine-to-Human Interface: “More companies, especially Israeli companies, will introduce sensors, detectors, operating platforms, and security systems, for the Internet of Things (IoT) , revolution in machine-to-machine connectivity, as well as for the parallel revolution in human-to-machine interface.

Nissan Yaron, of Inpris says his patent-pending technology for recognition of finger gestures on touchscreen devices will take the danger out of looking at a screen while driving. Companies to watch include Soi Chip, maintenance free IoT solutions based on its Everlasting Solar Battery; MUV Interactive, whose Bird ring-like accessory turns a room into a 3-D interactive workspace; and, Inpris finger recognition technology.

4) Mobile Productivity: Personal assistant apps will combine with big-data crunching and crowd-sourcing capabilities to take you to the next level of efficiency in everything from planning meetings to finding a parking space and getting there on time, says Ori Choshen, CEO of VLX Ventures, in Jerusalem.

5) Smart Data Storage: Innovative storage products from Israel, “will shake the market in 2015,’ Ms Leichman writes. “We’ll see hybrid software solutions to manage and combine old and cheap magnetic storage — with very new, and efficient; but, costly flash storage.” Companies to watch include: Reduxio Systems, next gen storage platform, DataBank secure underground media vaults, and o Thether off-site solutions; CENRTRA Networks award-winning cloud storage solutions.

6) Cyber Security: Detection and intrusion tools, techniques, and methods have been getting a lot of press for obvious reasons; but, “tomorrow’s focus will be on smart analytical, and big-data systems to manage existing detection tools and to prevent “data fatigue” caused by false alerts. Integrated solutions for comprehensice immunity from cyber attack will also be hot. Companies to watch: ThetaRay big-data analytic solutions, SecBi solutions for security operations centers; Nyotron Information Security protective products against “Zero-Day,” Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and unknown attacks; CyberArk, award-winning solutions for APT protection and privileged account security.

7) Immunotherapy: Big Pharma is investing heavily in immunotherapy, which seeks to modulate the immune system to fight autoimmune diseases (by suppressing an overactive immune system) and cancer (by enhancing the immune response). Several Israeli companies have a significant presence in this promising field. Companies to watch: Drug Ddscovery platfirm – Compugen: CureTech Bio – novel immune-modulating products for treating and controlling cancer; cCam Biotherapeutics novel immunotherapies for cancer indications; Efranat – anti-cancer immunotherapy treatment based on a natural plasma protein module.

8) Advertising and Monetization: Israel is becoming a leader in programmatic advertising, also known as algorithmic advertising,” Ms. Leichman writes. “Ad solutions based on creative content and the wisdom of ad agencies is vanishing, and we see the dominance of computers in planning and executing ad campaigns — using smart analytics. 2015 will see strong growth in real time advertising; and, algorithmic buying and placing of advertising space. 2015 will also see more focus on mobile advertising. Companies to watch: ironSource platform for software discovery, distribution, delivery, and monetization; AnyClip, metadata-based technology for distribution, marketing and monetization of premium content; MyThings, predictive artificial intelligence ad platform for e-commerce.

9) Network Optimization: This involves novel solutions to optimize and accelerate traffic, communication, and routing on a fast-growing – Internet highway — where the old traffic signals don’t cut it anymore. Companies to watch: Hole, browser/extension app to increase Internet speed. Flash Networks, mobile Internet optimization and monetization solutions.

10) Less Invasive medicine: Innovative tools and devices facilitating less invasive diagnostic and therapeutic techniques will remain in high demand in 2015. Surgical devices from such Israeli companies as ApiFix [for scoliosis treatment] and Virtual Ports [laparoscopic micro-tools] shorten the procedure and recovery time, and reduce risks.” Companies to watch: MitrAssist, minimally invasive treatment for mitral value regurgitation, EyeYon Medical, which makes contact lens to treat corneal edema; Pneumedicare continuous, non-invasive monitoring of respiratory function and ventilation; EIMindA noninvasive technique for mapping neural pathways in the brain.

11) Regenerative medicine and cell therapy: Type 1 diabetes cartilage and bone loss, neurodegenerative diseases — major strides against these and other incurable conditions are on the horizon thanks to advances in regenerative and cell-therapy technologies — many of them coming from Israeli labs. Bonus BioGroup, for example. is constructing the world’s first plant to produce regenerated bone, in Haifa. Companies to watch include: Orgenesis technology to convert liver cells into insulin-producing cells as a treatment for diabetes; CartiHeal cell-free implant that enables simultaneous bone and hyaline cartilage regeneration; CoreBone bioactive bone graft material for dental, orthopedic and spine applications; BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, which makes an autologous, stem-cell therapy for neurodegenerative diseases; Bonus BioGroup technology for supplying bone regeneration tissues; Regentis Biomaterials degradable hydrogel implants to regenerate damaged, or diseased orthopedic tissue.

12) Ecommerce Optimization and Security: “As online commerce grows, so does the need for technologies to optimize the experience for sellers and buyers, Israeli companies are already providing ecommerce solutions and will increasingly move into software for affiliate commerce, mobile commerce, social-network commerce, and other forms of integrated commerce.

“A related aspect is user-authentication software to help determine if someone’s profile is real or fake. This is critical to dating and services’ websites like eHarmony and Airbnb.

Companies to watch: Dealply, comparative shopping browser add-on; Store Ya automated marketing apps; Cimagine Media, augmented-reality platform for viewing merchandise from all angles and distances; Tangiblee, visual try-on personalized to each shopper; I Am Real, user-verification technology to decrease e-tail risk and fraud.

Do your own due diligence/homework; and, good luck. V/R, RCP

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