Pentagon In Search Of A Successor To Pentagon’s ‘Yoda’: Pay Tops Out At $183K

Pentagon In Search Of A Successor To Pentagon’s ‘Yoda’: Pay Tops Out At $183K

Hailey Lee, writing on this evening’s CNBC website writes that “since Andrew Marshall founded the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment in the early 70s. he’s been the only person to head the think tank. But, at age 93, Marchall, nicknamed ‘Yoda,’ after the sage extraterrestrial character from “Star Wars,” — is retiring.”

DoD has begun the recruiting and search process for his replacement, “someone who can come in and continue Marshall’s work in forecasting potential crises; and, developing responses to them. A DoD online posting said the primary function of the Office of Net Assessment Director will be to “develop assessments that compare the standings, trends, and future prospects of U.S. military capability, and military potential — with that of other countries.”

The salary starts at $121,957, and can go up to $183,300 per year. Recruitment for a new director ends February 2nd. Ms. Hailey writes that “the Net Assessment group skirted the chopping block in 2013 when budget cuts and sequestration was imposed. Marshall and his team were able to avoid the axe,” she writes, “but, his director position was adjusted to report to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy — rather than directly to the Defense Secretary.”

Andrew Marshall, ‘Yoda’ is a living legend, and a true American patriot. I had the honor, and pleasure of working with Mr. Marshall and his office on many occasions during my 33yr. tenure — mostly in the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence, and finally, for the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Mr. Marshall is a man whom I had great respect and admiration for — and, he will leave a large void in the Defense Department. There are several individuals whom I think are well-suited to move in and continue to build on Mr. Marshall’s great work; but, I will keep those opinions to myself.

I do not know all the negotiations and pros/cons of why the Department decided to downgrade the position — in that the Director no longer has a direct report/line to the Secretary of Defense — and instead, now reports directly to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy — but, absent knowledge of those arguments — I think it was a mistake to make that change. I wish Mr. Marshall nothing but the best. He is a national treasure, and probably one of a kind. Godspeed Mr. Marshall. V/R, RCP

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