al Qaeda Threatens To Use ‘Undetectable’ Bombs Against The U.S.; With The Boston Marathon Bombing Trial About To Get Underway — The Group May Consider This A Perfect Opportunity To Strike

al Qaeda Threatens To Use ‘Undetectable’ Bombs Against The U.S.; With The Boston Marathon Bombing Trial About To Get Underway — The Group May Consider This A Perfect Opportunity To Strike

al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), considered the most dangerous branch within al Qaeda — with respect to the United States — is warning Americans that “they’ve been working long, and hard, on a new tool to attack America.” The threat is presented in the latest issue of al Qaeda’s electronic ‘magazine,’ called Inspire, which was posted online last month (December 2014). In the magazine article, an individual called the AQ Chief, was quoted as saying they developed a bomb in 2009, but, “the brothers in the external operations committee; and, did not give us a green light till recently.”

“Hinting at al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s dedication to building undetectable bombs,” the AQ Chef said in the December article; adding that the group “had developed other bombs that were more effective.” J.J. Green, writing for the Washington D.C-based, WTOP news organization, this evening, writes that “the al Qaeda Chief indicates that lessons learned from the failures of past assassination attempts, and plots to attack U.S. airplanes and buildings…have fed the development of a new generation of what it calls — “undetectable bombs.”

“The Hidden Bomb,” a 20-page section of the magazine, “goes into painstaking detail about how to build and test such a bomb: “For several months, we conducted a number of experiments. As a result, we came up with these simple materials that are readily available around the globe, even inside America,” the article notes. “We spared no effort in simplifying the idea — in such we made it ‘another meal prepared in the kitchen,’ so that every determined Muslim can prepare.”

Mr. Green adds that “the magazine’s editor, Yahya Ibrahim, in a different section of the magazine, also claimed the organization’s bomb-makers have been working on a recipe that ‘is something unique that can easily be prepared at home.”

“Reflecting the group’s urgent desire to disseminate the recipe,” Mr. Green writes, “Ibrahim apologized to their supporters for taking nine months to produce the 13th edition — indicating that the work on the new bomb was the hold-up.”

“Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, also known as AQAP, is viewed by security experts the world over as the pre-eminent architects of technologically advanced IEDs,” Mr. Green notes. “The group boasts in the magazine about the nearly successful plot to bring down the Northwest Airlines Flight 523 en route from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan, on Christmas Day, 2009. Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdumutallab tried to ignite the bomb concealed in his underwear; but, the device failed. The group’s master bomb-maker, Ibrahim Al-Asiri, designed that explosive and another — a rectal bomb designed to kill Saudi Interior Minister Muhammad bin Naif, earlier in 2009. Naif survived, but, the man carrying the bomb, Asiri’s own brother — was killed. Both men used bombs similar in design,” Mr. Green wrote.

Former TSA Administrator John Pistole, who left his position to return to private life, told WTOP last month, “What gives us greatest concern are the non-metallic, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), that can pass through a metal detector,” without setting off any alarms, or raising suspicion.

“In addition to a detailed explanation of some detection techniques AQAP offers the readers suggested methods for defeating these defenses saying, “any security system, be it human, or mechanical — has weak points through which it can be breached — as long as you know its details and mechanism,” WTOP noted.

New, ‘Undetectable’ Bombs Has Been A High Priority For al Qaeda; But, After The Successful Lone Wolf Attacks In Canada And Australia — This New Boast Is One To Be Concerned About

‘New,’ ‘undetectable’ bombs, and/or new techniques to successfully get a bomb past U.S. security has always been a high priority for al Qaeda — so, this new threat is not a surprise. But, AQAP is considered the most dangerous and technically skilled in this area — so, this boast should not be taken lightly. As far back as the summer of 2013, U.S. officials were concerned over “new technology that could reportedly turn clothing into an explosive device. “It can work simply by dipping clothes into the explosive liquid, and waiting till it dries,” said Scott Kleinmann, a Research Fellow at the London-based International Center for the Study of Radicalism and Political Violence — and, a noted terrorism expert.

Yoram Schweitzer, an Israeli terror expert at Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies, added that “one of the characteristics of the organization is the continuous efforts to innovate new means of overcoming defenses against them.” “There should be little doubt that AQAP plans to use this new explosive (the liquid on clothes in 2013),” said Mr. Kleinmann. “AQAP’s master bomb-maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, continues to improve the concealment of suicide bombs — with creative designs, including bombs surgically implanted in humans, underwear bombs, and explosives hidden inside printer cartridges.”

al Qaeda Probably Feels The Islamic State Has Stolen The March And Overshadowed Them — And,They Probably Desire To Carry Out Some Kind Of ‘Spectacular’ Attack — ‘To Get Their Mojo Back’

There was reporting last month that al Qaeda wanted to carry out a Christmas ‘spectacular’ that included targeting five European airliners. While that thankfully didn’t happen, the recent ‘success’ of the lone wolf terrorist attacks in Canada and Australia no doubt has given al Qaeda incentive to call for more such lone wolf attacks; and, decided to publish new, and clever methods of sneaking explosives past airport security personnel and equipment. This is a worrisome development. We have to be right 100 percent of the time. They only need to be right occasionally — as was the case in Canada and Australia. With the Boston Marathon bombing trial about to get underway — the group may consider this a ‘perfect time’ to attempt to carry out such an attack. V/R, RCP

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