Hezbollah Deputy Chief Acknowledges ‘Major Infiltrations’ By Israeli Intelligence; Arrest of Israeli Spy A Major Security Breach For The Mossad; Iranian Intelligence Reportedly Assisted Hezbollah In Investigation

Hezbollah Deputy Chief Acknowledges ‘Major Infiltrations’ By Israeli Intelligence; Arrest of Israeli Spy A Major Security Breach For The Mossad; Iranian Intelligence Reportedly Assisted Hezbollah In Investigation


“The Lebanon-based, and Iranian-backed Hezbollah group “has indirectly admitted that an Israeli spy penetrated it [senior] ranks,” according to an article in the Monday edition of The Lebanese Daily Star. “There is no party in the world as big and sophisticated as Hezbollah –that was able to stand with the same steadfastness, despite some major infiltrations,” Hezbollah Deputy Chief Naim Qassem told local al Nour Radio, referring to recent press reports of the arrest of a senior member of the group, Mohammed Shawareb, and his trial for allegedly spying for Israel. “Hezbollah has worked intensely on battling espionage among its ranks, and in its entourage. Some cases [of espionage] surfaced, and they are very limited cases,” Qassem said.

“In the wake of the reported unmasking of the Mossad mole, who posed as an aide to Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah,” the group is no doubt reeling and suffering their own “wilderness of mirrors,” event, as suspicion of more Israeli spies permeate the atmosphere, sowing more distrust and suspicion. Senior sources within Hezbollah recently told the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al Rai, that, “following the exposure of the “Zionist agent,” the group opted to disband Unit 901, the unit responsible for foreign operations for Hezbollah. According to the website. “The algemeiiner, “senior Hezbollah officials interrogated agents who might have had contact with the alleged Mossad mole, and sever were dismissed. Shawareb reportedly belonged to one of the most respected families in southern Lebanon, who were apparently aware of his activities with Israeli intelligence,” the publication noted. According to the al Raj article, “Shawareb managed to infiltrate senior positions within Hezbollah; and, was responsible for foreign activity and internal issues of the Shi’ite organization. Shawareb was trusted by the group’s leadership, including Nasrallah; and, was partly responsible for the Shiekh’s physical safety.”

According to al Raj, Shawareb “was able to prevent revenge attacks over the assassination of secretive senior operative, Imad Mughniyeh, in a massive car bombing in February 2008.” Mughniyeh was also known by myself and others as far back as the 80s, as “The Prince of Darkness,” and someone directly involved in the planning and execution of the Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983.

Mr. Shawareb was arrested a month ago after a seven-month long investigation,” according to an article in today’s, January 6,2015, New York Times, by Ms. Anne Barnard. Shawareb is now being tried, along with four accomplices, in a Hezbollah court, according to Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper. The Daily Star added that “Hezbollah began to suspect a mole [within their ranks], when Bulgarian authorities fingered two Hezbollah operatives in a bombing that killed Israeli tourists in the Bulgarian tourist town of Burgas in 2012. The newspaper said their identities were passed to the Bulgarians by Israel — which learned them from Shawareb.”

The Jerusalem-based newspaper, Al Manar, said Hezbollah was able to narrow in on Shawareb’s unit [as the likely source of the leak}, and revealed him — by feeding him false information as a test. Al Manar added that “Mr. Shawareb told his handlers of weapons shipments to Hezbollah at a location in Damascus — which Israel subsequently bombed.” Other reporting suggests that Hezbollah had assistance from Iranian intelligence in discovering and outing Shawareb.

Shawareb’s Discovery And Arrest By Hezbollah — Is A Major Security Breach For The Mossad

Make no mistake, this is a major breach of a Mossad covert operation; and either Mossad got sloppy, or, there are other agendas at work here. Shawareb reportedly worked as a traveling businessman; and, was recruited by the Mossad in a “western Asian” country; and, had been paid about $1M for his services,” according to a December 19, 2014 article in The Times of Israel.

Mossad is no doubt doing a post-mortem on this damaging disclosure; and, will hopefully find out if mistakes were made in tradecraft — that ultimately cost the country one of its more important operatives. In some cases, the adversary is also savvy and may have already suspected a traitor within their midst. Israel must also figure out a way to get Shawareb out of Hezbollah’s hands and scuttle him off to a safe location with a new identity. Otherwise, this incident may harm the Mossad’s ability to recruit new operatives, for a most deadly, and high-stakes game…practiced and executed….in the shadows. V/R, RCP

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