Eurozone Slips Into Deflation; Brent Fell Overnight Below $50 – Briefly – First Time Since 2009 At The Onset Of The Great Recession

Eurozone Slips Into Deflation; Oil Falling Again; Brent Fell Overnight Below $50 For – Briefly – First Time Since 2009 At The Onset Of The Great Recession

“The Eurozone’s inflation rate fell into negative territory in December, since 2009, adding more pressure on the European Central Bank (ECB) to launch a Federal Reserve style bond buying program,” according to an article this morning (Jan.7, 2015) in CNBC’s website by Matt Cinch. “Annual consumer prices for the region fell -0.2 percent, year-on-year in December — below market expectations of -0.1 percent, and much lower than November’s a +0.3 percent rise,” Mr. Cinch added. This figures comes on the heels of disappointing manufacturing data out of Germany(Europe’s largest economy) on Monday, which saw inflation numbers and prices falling faster than expected — to just +0.1 percent in December, from +0.5 in November.” As Mr. Cinch noted, “this was well below market expectations

Oil continues to struggle to tread water — with the black gold bouncing back and forth around the $50 level for Brent and the $48 level for West Texas Crude. U.S. stock futures are green across the board this morning, suggesting a positive open this morning; and that would not be surprising. Just like the market doesn’t go straight up; neither does it go straight down. With a 460pt. drop on the DOW in just the past two days — a little buying in stocks — as traders do some “bottom feeding” would not be surprising. V/R, RCP

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