Intelligence Chief: ‘Unbelievable Amount Of Data’ Coming After Paris Attacks

Intelligence Chief: ‘Unbelievable Amount Of Data’ Coming After Paris Attacks defense/229869-intelligence- chief-expecting-trove-if-new- information

By Vicki Needham – 01/18/15 10:13 AM EST

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) said he expects that data will pour in over the next few months that will provide intelligence to better protect the U.S. and Europe against global terrorism threats.

The new chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said that following the attack in Paris, there will be an “unbelievable amount of data that’s going to tell us what the next step is in defending this country and defending Europe, as well.”

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” he pointed a spate of raids and arrests around Europe over the weekend that netted more than a dozen people with suspected ties to the Paris attacks, which left 12 dead at a satirical newspaper Charlie Hedbo and 17 people total around the city.

He called the recent arrests in Belgium an “intelligence win.”

Burr suggested that this is not a war between the East and West and that terrorism “is a concern and a threat to us, to Europe and to every Muslim around the world that is not a fanatic terrorist.”

“The reality is that we’ve got to reach out to those individuals [Muslims] because we should be as concerned about making sure that he world is safe for them as we do for our own children,” he added.

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