EU Commission President Compares British Membership In EU ‘A Failed Romance;’ Says Time For U.K. To Leave The EU – “The Rotten Heart Of Europe”

EU Commission President Compares British Membership In EU ‘A Failed Romance;’ Says Time For U.K. To Leave The EU – “The Rotten Heart Of Europe”

Bruno Waterfield, writing in the January 18, 2015 edition of London’s The Telegraph, writes that current European Union (EU) President Jean-Claude Junker compared British membership in the EU — to a doomed romance; and, suggested it is time for Britain to get a divorce from Europe.” As The Telegraph observed, “it is the first time the President of the European Commission has publicly contemplated a British exit; and, he reinforced his message by insisting he would not get down on his knees and beg Britain to stay.”

“People shouldn’t stay together, if the conditions aren’t the same as when things started. It’s easy to fall in love; and, more difficult to stay together,” he said in Paris this weekend. “I am for the respect of member states, respect between institutions and member states. I am against all forms of groveling.”

Mr. Waterfield writes that, “Mr. Junker, who’s appointment to the EU’s top job was opposed by Britain’s David Cameron, told an elite audience of French officials that he was ready to discuss British demands for treaty change; but, set out “red lines.” “In a blow to the Prime Minister, Mr. Junker said, “the EU would reject, without debate, Conservative calls to change the treaties to give national authorities more powers to stop large-scale inflows of migrants from Eastern Europe.”

“When one mentions the end of the free circulation of workers, there can be no debate, dialogue, or compromise,” he said. “We can fight against abuses; but, the EU won’t change the treaties to satisfy the whim of certain politicians.” Opinion polls in England show “a narrow lead in British [public] support for a British exit from the EU — ahead of this May’s general election. European leaders are scheduled to meet on February 12, to discuss possible changes to the EU treaty — in order to tighten the economic rules governing the Eurozone to stop Europe’s single currency sliding into a new crisis,” Mr. Waterfield wrote. “Mr. Junker’s hardline rejection of any change to EU treaty rules on free movements [of people], echoes comments by Germany’s Angela Merkel, and represents a major obstacle for Cameron.” His comments [Junker],” Mr. Waterfield notes, “indicates that at some of the highest levels of European politics — are now ready to let Britain leave the EU.”

Bernard Connolly, Author Of “The Rotten Heart Of Europe: The Dirty War For Europe’s Money”

Last year, Rick Santelli of CNBC had a fascinating and thought provoking interview with Bernard Connolly. Mr. Connolly is an Oxford educated British economist who is known for his pessimistic outlook for the Euro and the European Monetary Union. Having acknowledged that caveat, it is hard not to at least ponder Mr. Connolly’s pessimistic outlook for the Euro and the European Union. And, I confess — I share many his doubts.

Mr. Connolly’s book, “The Rotten Heart of Europe: The Dirty War For Europe’s Money,” is a sobering and realistic assessment of the consequences and pitfalls that plague the Eurozone — as a consequence of pursuing a continent-wide monetary union. And Mr. Connolly should know, he was there for the “birth” of the Euro and was partly responsible for where Europe is today. Depression and recession are widespread across the continent as toxic nationalism and profound unemployment — especially among the youth are pervasive.

Mr. Connolly contends that the monetary union — which is at the heart of this grand Euro experiment — is rotten at its core. Indeed, Mr. Connolly contends that this destructive pursuit is making the economic situation in Europe worse than it would otherwise be; and, this “forced harmonization” is engendering “distrust, resentment, ridicule, contempt and even hatred,” amongst and between the people’s of the European continent. Yet Mr. Connolly notes, “the people who put this together (some of whom are in leadership positions today) hail the EURO and EU as a success.” “They call Spain a success and they have 27% unemployment. Greece is called exceptional; and yet, youth unemployment there is a staggering 67%.” He calls this belief in the promise of a monetary union either crazy or disturbing. Those who originally proposed a European Union thought this was the path to prevent a third European civil war. The reality Mr. Connolly says, is a reversal of the post-WWII economic revival. “We have an elitist, bureaucratic, corrupt, authoritarian, repressive institution and leadership on one side and, a demoralized, lost generation of youth who see an “unaccountable, undemocratic, illegitimate and ultimately repressive super-state” that is digging Europe and themselves into an even deeper hole. Not surprisingly, he sees ultimate failure for the European Union and even disaster, the longer those in charge in Europe pursue this feckless endeavor. A deadly cocktail of unintended consequences. You may or may not agree with Mr. Connolly; but, it is hard to dismiss, or ignore him and his thesis — would be a failure itself. V/R, RCP

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