Iran, Hezbollah Claim Saudi Arabia Provided Intelligence To Israel Regarding Airstrike In Syria That Killed Iranian General

Iran, Hezbollah Claim Saudi Arabia Provided Intelligence To Israel Regarding Airstrike In Syria That Killed Iranian General

According to the website, Algemeiner, “Iran and Hezbollah are claiming that Saudi Arabia assisted Israel with its airstrike in the Golan Heights Sunday,” in which several Hezbollah operatives and an Iranian Revolutionary Guards general officer “Large-scale cooperation between,” Saudi Arabia’s intelligence organization, and Israel,” played a crucial role in monitoring Hezbollah’s movement in the Golan Heights,” according to Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television. Tehran’s Fars News Agency claimed that “Saudi Arabia has been providing Israel with the intelligence about the movements of the Syrian Army and Hezbollah,” thus enabling the attack; and, “that the al Qaeda wing in Syria — the al Nusra Front, also helped Israel in the attack.”

It is possible? Yes; but, I doubt it. The fact is, this was a particularly painful outcome for Hezbollah and their patron state – Iran. Killing Imad Mughniyeh’s son – Jihad — was particularly embarrassing for the entire Hezbollah organization as well as the Mullahs in Qum. Hezbollah was already under enormous pressure and criticism by its supports, for the failure to avenge Imad Mughniyeh’s death (who was assassinated in a car bomb in Syria in 2008) — an assassination whom Hezbollah and Iran blamed on Israel. Now, his son is dead, along with an Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s general officer — both at the hands of the Israeli military. This incident had to hit home pretty hard with Hezbollah’s rank-and-file — who no doubt had already begun to question the organization’s failure to avenge Imad Mughniyeh’s killing. Now, the Israeli airstrike — which ended up killing Imad’s son, was probably a “last straw,” for Hezbollah’s rank-and-file; and, some kind of demonstrable response is required — if Hezbollah’s leadership is to maintain their support. But, with the recently acknowledged penetration of the upper echelons of Hezbollah by Israeli intelligence, no doubt has sent shutters throughout the organization; and. concern that other Israeli spies may still be in their midst.

With all this turmoil and bad press, it is not very surprising to see Hezbollah and Iran to point fingers at Saudi Arabia, in an attempt to divert criticism, and justify their own intelligence failure that resulted in the deaths of Imad’s son and an Iranian general. It probably makes the event less damaging, if they can point the finger to a nation-state such as Saudi Arabia. It is a charge they won’t have to their members and supporters, and it costs them virtually nothing to make these accusations.

At the end of the day, it would seem to me — though I do not have all the facts — that Israel probably did not have any assistance from the Saudi’s on this; and, it also appears that Mossad has gotten sloppy. One of their most valuable and trusted agents who penetrated Hezbollah — is now under arrest by the group; and, Israeli intelligence may well have not known about the presence of an Iranian general in the convoy that was struck on Sunday.

The pressure on Hezbollah and the Iranian Mullahs — to strike back at Israel over this attack — has to be enormous and palpable. It is not a question of whether; but, where, when, and how? V/R, RCP

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