Veteran Israeli Defense Commentator Says ‘Killing Of Iranian General” In Sunday’s Airstrike – Was No Accident — Iranian General Deliberately Targeted

Veteran Israeli Defense Commentator Says ‘Killing Of Iranian General” In Sunday’s Airstrike – Was No Accident — Iranian General Deliberately Targeted

Did Israel know — when it targeted a Hezbollah convoy, and Iranian operatives on Sunday near the town of Quneitra, Syria, on the Syrian-controlled side of the Golan Heights — that there was an Iranian general officer in the vehicle? Yes, according veteran Israeli defense commentator, Amos Harel. Mr. Harel, writing in Thursday’s Israeli newspaper — The Haaretz — says “according to several sources — those who ordered the airstrike on Sunday, were aware that Iranian Revolutionary General, Mohammed Allahdadi,” was in the targeted convoy. The news agency, Reuters, reported on Tuesday, that Israel did not deliberately attack a convoy with such a high-ranking Iranian general officer; and, that his presence in this convoy came as a surprise to them. But, according to the Kuwati newspaper, Al Rai, “Israel knew of the Iranian general’s presence; and, also knew that this trip by General Allahdadi, was just one of several recent trips he visited the area — “to examine the military needs of Hezbollah militants stationed there.” Furthermore, the paper claims that “General Allahdadi, and not Jihad Mughniyeh, was the main target of the strike.” The paper added that “General Allahdadi obtained SIM card and left Damascus roughly 90 minutes before the attack, which enable Israel to know beforehand — who was in the convoy.” “Therefore, circles close to Iran, believe Tehran received the [Israeli] message loud and clear; and, does not take Israel’s shirking of responsibility — seriously.”

According to The Times of Israel, “General Allahdadi and Hezbollah commander Muhammad Issa, who was also killed in the strike, were touring the Golan as part of a strategic bid to turn the Syrian border with Israel into a confrontation zone, just as Hezbollah had done in the 1990s.” “Issa had gained experience in highland warfare against Israel as the commander of the Tuffah region in southern Lebanon,” the Kuwaiti newspaper said, “and, was in the process of translating his experience to Syria as the Head of Hezbollah’s Special Operations Unit in the country.”

“Since the attack did not take place in Iran; but instead, on Syrian soil, Iran cannot respond [retaliate] with a direct strike on Israel,” the source opined. “Instead, it [Iran] will prefer to “serve its revenge cold,” by continuing to fortify the Golan front, as well as arm Hezbollah and Assad.”

The pressure on Hezbollah to respond to this strike is enormous — especially since the group has apparently failed to retaliate for the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh in 2008; and, now his son. It is only a question of when, where and how — not. whether there will be retaliation by Hezbollah. Iran will also likely provide weapons, money, intelligence and support to whatever Hezbollah pursues in this regard; but, they will do so with as much plausible deniability as possible, so as not to directly implicate the regime. Stay tuned. V/R, RCP

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