U.S. Navy Updates Strategy Amid Growing Cyber War Threat

U.S. Navy Updates Strategy Amid Growing Cyberwar Threat

© Flickr/ Official U.S. Navy Imagery

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17:56 24.01.2015 (updated 20:14 24.01.2015)

US Navy press officer also said that the issue of growing naval presence of China in the Asia-Pacific region “will be covered in the updated maritime strategy.”

In this image, provided by the US Navy, a high-speed video camera captures a record-setting firing of an electromagnetic railgun, or EMRG, at the Naval Surface Warfare Center

© AP Photo/ US Navy, John F. Williams

US Navy Prepares to Showcase Hi-Tech Military Hardware

MOSCOW, January 24 (Sputnik), Alexander Mosesov — The updated 2015 US Maritime Strategy will reflect the global changes in the fields of global security, technological advancement and potential adversaries’ growing cyber capabilities, US Navy press officer Lt. Timothy Hawkins told Sputnik Saturday. “The global security environment has changed. Although the United States has been at the forefront of technological advancement for years, the greater availability and lower cost of acquiring these technologies has led to their proliferation. Potential adversaries have developed game-changing cyber capabilities and ways to exploit the electromagnetic spectrum upon which our forces so heavily rely,” Hawkins said.

As for the issue of growing naval presence of China in the Asia-Pacific region, much discussed by military experts and seen as a threat by some of them to the US Navy’s unique position in the region, the press officer confirmed that this topic “will be covered in the updated maritime strategy.”

The United States’ Navy is planning to dispatch another warship to help the Indonesia-led search off the coast of Borneo for crashed AirAsia Flight QZ8501

© Flickr/ Hammerin Man

US Naval Expansion in Spain to Protect Europe From Iran: DoD

Lt. Hawkins noted that the primary aims of the US Navy, despite the strategy update this year, will remain unchanged. “We will continue to operate forward where it matters, when it matters; we will remain engaged to ensure global stability through partnerships; and we will continue to be ready,” the press officer concluded.

The 2015 US Maritime strategy will be presented within a few weeks, according to Hawkins.

The latest version of the country’s Maritime Strategy was published in 2007, explaining the role of US Naval Forces in pursuing such goals of the United States, as maintaining domestic security, contributing to the international security and safety of the world’s naval commerce.

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