Tension Grows Along Israel/Lebanon Border; ‘Many Armored Vehicles Heading North’


Israel Website: ‘Many’ Armored Vehicles Heading North; TV: IDF Reinforces Troops in Area

Summary in English 28 Jan 15

Ya’ir Kraus reports at 1211 GMT in right-of-center website NRG in Hebrew: “Many

armored vehicles — tanks and armored personnel carriers — are making thei r way north via the exit from the southern city of Beersheba on Highway 6.”

State-funded Channel 1 Television in Hebrew reports at 1225 GMT that the IDF is “reinforcing its troops in the north.”

IDF Spokesman Vows Further Response to Border Attack; Netanyahu: Army Prepared To Act on Every Front

Summary in English 28 Jan 15

Tova Lazaroff reports at 1059 GMT in right -of-center daily The Jerusalem Post Online in English: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday, 28 January, that the IDF was responding to an anti -tank missile attack against an
army vehicle on the Lebanon border. Speaking at a cornerstone laying ceremony for new apartments in the southern border city of Sederot, the prime minister said, ‘at this moment, the IDF is responding to events in the North. ‘ Netanyahu added: ‘I suggest that all those who are challenging us on our northern border, look at what happened in Gaza, not far from the city of Sederot. HAMAS suffered the most serious blow since it was founded this past summer and the IDF is prepared to act on every front.'”

An unattributed report at 1114 GMT in popular centrist news site Ynet in Hebrew says that the IDF spokesman addressed the army’s retaliation to the attack on the Lebanon border, saying that “this is not our last response.”

Alert: Israel TV Says IDF Prepares for Possibility of ‘Expanding the Confrontation’ in North

Jerusalem Channel 2 Television in Hebrew 28 Jan 15

Commercial Channel 2 Television in Hebrew reports at 1132 GMT that the IDF is “preparing for the possibility of expanding the confrontation in the north.” Military affairs correspondent Roni Daniyel reports that the IDF is “taking several steps” and “carefully” adds that “we may be facing a longer confrontation” than one or two days.

Alert: Israel TV Says IDF Vehicle Hit by Anti -Tank Rocket in North; Website: Four Soldiers Hurt
in English 28 Jan 15

Commercial Channel 2 Television in Hebrew is reporting at 0951 GMT that an Israeli army vehicle has been hit by an antitank rocket on the northern border.

Popular centrist news site Ynet in Hebrew reports at 0951 GMT that four soldiers were hurt in the attack.
Israel Fires 25 Artillery Rounds Into Lebanon

Tehran Mehr News Agency in English 1145 GMT 28 Jan 15

TEHRAN, Jan. 28 (MNA) After an anti-tank missile hit an Israeli military vehicle near the Israeli-Lebanese border Wednesday, Israel fired 25 artillery shells into Lebanon. A Lebanese military vehicle came under attack near the border.

Lebanese security officials say Israel fired 25 artillery shells into areas southeastern Lebanon. There was no immediate word on casualties.

There have been reports of clashes near Lebanese borders. Clashes erupted on Wednesday when Hezbollah’s anti -tank missile hit an Israeli vehicle near Mount Dov and Shebaa Farms, a disputed tract of land where the borders of Israel , Lebanon and Syria meet. Several Israeli soldiers have been reportedly killed and injured.
The violence came just hours after the Israeli army confirmed that its warplanes hit artillery posts and territory controlled by the Syrian army.

Tel Aviv confirmed the attack was in response to rockets allegedly fired from Israeli occupied Golan height. Last week Israeli aircraft attacked the territory without provocation and killed an Iranian general and several Hezbollah fighters.

[Description of Source: Tehran Mehr News Agency in English — Conservative news agency, run by the Islamic Propagation Office, and affiliated with the conservative Qom seminary; in October 2 010, prominent long -time journalist

Reza Moqaddasi, previously an executive di rector of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, was appointed to a four -year term as managing director; URL: http://www.mehrnews.com%5D

Israel Shells Lebanon After Military Vehicle Hit by Missile Near Border

By Alastair Jamieson

TEL AVIV — Israel fi red at least 20 artillery shells into Lebanon Wednesday in response to an attack on an Israeli military vehicle — an escalation in border violence that left a U.N. peacekeeper dead.

Live television pictures showed smoke rising from the area after the incidents.

Israel Defense Forces said “several” people were injured in the attack on its vehicle, which it blamed on Hezbollah. A doctor at a nearby hospital said four soldiers were being treated for light injuries. KARAMALLAH DAHER / Reuters

Lebanese army soldiers watch as smoke rises from shells fi red from Israel in the al -Wazzani area of southern Lebanon on Wednesday. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack, according to The Associated Press. In a statement, the militant Islamist

group said its attack was carried out by a division calling itself the “Heroic Martyrs of Quneitra” — a reference to an Israeli airstrike on the Golan Heights on Jan. 18 that killed six Hezbollah fighters.

A Lebanese security source confirmed that at least 20 shells had landed on the Lebanese side of the border. IDF spokesman Peter Lerner said one of its vehicles was “attacked with anti -tank missiles on Mt. Dov, near Rajar” and that civilians were being evacuated from Mt. Hermon “following mortar fire at military positions in the area.”

“We have responded to Hezbollah’s escalation … IDF will continue to operate in order to safeguard Israel,” he said. A male peacekeeper with the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon was killed near the Lebanon -Golan Heights border, UNIFIL spokeswoman Andrea Tenenti told NBC News. “We are still checking information about the circumstances of his death,” she said.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We will not let terrorists to disturb our life and threaten our security. We know how to react very strongly against anyone who challenges us.”

“Anyone who tries to challenge us in the north should look at Hamas [which] was dealt the hardest blow it has received since its creation,” Netanyahu added in a statement issued through his spokesman.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon convened a security briefing in the wake of the attacks, Haaretz reported, and residents in the Israeli city of Metuala and surrounding areas were instructed to remain indoors.

The skirmish came after Israel launched airstrikes earlier Wednesday targeting Syrian army artillery posts in response to rockets fired the previous day into the Israeli-held Golan Heights. The Israel -Lebanon border has been largely quiet since a month long war in the summer of 2006

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