BREAKING NEWS: FBI Dir. Warns ‘Active Cases Of Potential Islamic State Sleeper Agents In Every State In America Except Alaska,’ Warned of Clear And Present Danger Here At Home

BREAKING NEWS: FBI Director Warns ‘Active Cases Of Potential Islamic State Sleeper Agents In Every State In America Except Alaska,’ Warned of Clear And Present Danger Here At Home

The Jackson Mississippi newspaper, The Clarion Ledger, is reporting that FBI Director James Comey, warned an audience of top law enforcement officers in Mississippi today, (Feb. 5, 2015) that “there are open cases in every state in the Union — except Alaska — of individuals who may be seeking to join the Islamic State”; and, or, are here potentially planning similar type attacks like those in Canada, Australia, and France. “Mississippi is a great state,” he said; but, just like all 50 states, it has troubled souls, that might look to find meaning in this sick, misguided way. The challenge we face as law enforcement,” he added, “is that they may be getting exposed to that poison; and, that training in their basement. They’re sitting there consuming; and, may emerge from the basement to kill people of any sort, — which is the call of the Islamic State — just kill somebody.”

Director Comey stressed that “the threat is very real, and not just for the military or law enforcement, or the media; all of whom have been warned by the FBI, that they [the Islamic State] — could be gunning for them, and the ordinary citizen as well. If you can video tape it, all the better, if it’s a law enforcement officer/s – all the better, if you can cut somebody’s head off and video tape it — what a wonderful thing in their view of the world,” he continued. “That’s the challenge [and threat] we face everywhere.”

“Because of that,” Director Comey said, “citizens need to be constantly on the watch. The current climate of the world does not make it acceptable to see something; and, not report it.”

“Ordinary folks should listen to the hair on the back of their neck,” he said, “We’ve gone back through every homegrown, violent extremist case in the United States; and, studied it. In every single case, someone saw something online, at a religious institution, in a family setting, at a school that was weird and out of place, — this person was acting in a way that didn’t make sense.”

Director Comey appears to be walking a fine line here — trying to stay somewhat in the politically correct bounds of our current POTUS and Attorney General; but, knows of the FBI’s supreme responsibility to serve and protect the American people. It is clear, that Director Comey and the FBI are building some separation room, in their rhetoric and serious concern that the Islamic State threat here on the homeland is growing; and, that copycat type terrorist events that played out in Canada, Australia, France, and elsewhere — is coming here to a city in the United States. Director Comey did the right and courageous thing, and told the truth — and, didn’t dance around the subject by refusing to clearly identify and name the threat — as opposed to our current POTUS and national security team — who are so wedded to their politically correct philosophy that they appear incredibly naive and out of touch.

The other issue, though he didn’t mention it — is our lack of critical intelligence on this clear and present danger the threat poses — all the while we curtail our own intelligence collection activies — both here and abroad. New York stops its intelligence collection, or certainly significantly curtails its collection of threat intelligence in their Muslim neighborhoods and Mosques; and, thanks to Edward Snowden — our signals intelligence collection sources and methods have been seriously compromised — further blinding us to this emerging homegrown threat. Just as this threat appears to be taking on a whole new level of danger, we are refusing to clearly identify the threat; and, compounding that error by unilaterally disarming our intelligence collection activities and capabilities — which got a huge boost in the wrong direction from our ‘friend’ Edward Snowden. And, unless it has been lifted, the Director of National Intelligence last year, ordered that the CIA and other intelligence entities curtail some of their HUMINT collection activities, and no doubt SIGINT activities on the European continent — at the very time we and our allies are in desperate need of critical threat intelligence.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “one well-placed spy was worth two battalions.” Now one well placed spy may save an entire city.” Except, when you handcuff your spies and ask them to “fight standing on one leg.” God help us. Go King Abdullah, and Jordan — we’re depending on you. V/R, RCP

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