It’s Payback Time: Jordan Releases It’s Own Video Of Air Force Bombing Islamic State Positions — In Operation Martyr Moaz — Named After Murdered Pilot

It’s Payback Time: Jordan Releases It’s Own Video Of Air Force Bombing Islamic State Positions — In Operation Martyr Moaz — Named After Murdered Pilot

London’s TheDailyMailOnline, is reporting this evening that the Government of Jordan “has released it’s own, slickly-edited video (on YouTube channel of a national radio station) shows its war planes, as they are prepared for bombing runs against Islamic State positions (believed to be/not confirmed yet — but highly likely) in Syria. John Hall and Stephanie Linning write “the footage, which was published today, shows members of the Jordanian military writing messages on plane-mounted missiles — before fighter jets are launched from their base. The mission, dubbed Operation Martyr Moaz, in memory of the pilot brutally killed by the Islamic State, — is the latest show from the nation, which has promised a ‘harsh’ war against the terror group.” Jordan launched twenty aircraft in what is probably the largest military campaign for Jordan since the Arab/Israeli conflicts of decades ago

In one clip, “uniformed members believed to be from Jordan’s military, are seen writing messages in Arabic, across plane-mounted missiles. One reportedly reads, ‘you are the enemy of Islam.’ And, one video clip shows a Jordanian pilot holding up a sign that reads: ‘And, do not think God is unaware of what the evildoers are doing, an apparent warning to Islamic State militants. Technicians are also shown working on the aircraft, before being launched from the base,” ThedailyMailOnline reports.

King Abdullah, U.S. Special Forces trained, and a pilot himself, is reportedly considering participating flying combat missions. King Abdullah was also a general officer and led the country’s Special Forces; and, is a fully qualified Cobra Helicopter pilot, and in 1980 joined Sandhurst — the British military equivalent of West Point.

The Jordanian Special Forces are well-trained, and are as good as they come; and, my guess is that these guys will be very busy — visiting high-value, Islamic State members, in the quiet of the night — and, inflicting lethal force, with prejudice — and instilling fear and dread as the night comes. Godspeed to these guys, who are doing something beyond whack-a-mole, and know what’s at stake here. The U.S. needs to step-up in a much more demonstrative way, to show support, leadership, and much-needed, visible evidence that we’ve got their backs, and can be trusted to come to their aid whenever and wherever that may be. V/R, RCP

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