New U.S. National Security Strategy – 2015

I pass this along for what’s it worth — which isn’t much — when we have a POTUS and National Security team that is weak, indecisive, and incredibly naive and out of touch. You can say just about anything you want strategically; but, when you have a POTUS and national security team (and I use that term lightly) I just don’t thin anyone — friend or foe — will give it much thought. This White House remains terminally out of touch with reality. RCP

The New NSS can be downloaded here:

Strategic Patience and Persistence is the new phrase. Strategic Patience used to belong only to our policy in Korea but now it seem we are going to apply it globally.

The challenges we face require strategic patience and persistence. They require us to take our responsibilities seriously and make the smart investments in the foundations of our national power. Therefore, I will continue to pursue a comprehensive agenda that draws on all elements of our national strength, that is attuned to the strategic risks and opportunities we face, and that is guided by the principles and priorities set out in this strategy. Moreover, I will continue to insist on budgets that safeguard our strength and work with the Congress to end sequestration, which undercuts our national security. (page 4)


  1. Well, the previous POTUS was pretty decisive and look at the bloody mess he left the world in! Not to mention all the private profits made by Dick Cheny and Haliburton. John McCain wants the US and by default, the UK to go to war with Syria, North Korea, Iran, Lybia, Nigeria, and now the bloody Russians through a proxy battle in Ukraine. America can’t even win ONE war without overwhelming mechanical force, and even then none of the objectives are ever achieved.

    Maybe it’s time to try a different way.

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    The document is now being put to its highest use; to housebreak an incontinent parakeet.

    Have a good weekend.

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