UAE Rejoins Fight Against The Islamic State; U.S. Special Operations Commandos Missed Rescuing Female American Hostage ‘By Moments’ In One Raid

UAE Rejoins Fight Against The Islamic State; U.S. Special Operations Commandos Missed Rescuing Female American Hostage ‘By Moments’ In One Raid

UAE Rejoins Fight Against The Islamic State

Less than a week from publicly announcing its disengagement from the fight against the Islamic State, the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has reversed course — after ‘abominable execution,’ and the U.S. military’s decision to re-position search-and-rescue assets nearer the conflict zone. The UAE announced Saturday, that it was sending a squadron of F-16 fighter jets to Jordan, resuming its participation in the U.S. ‘led’ airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria, according to Fox News. The UAE had stopped any aircraft involvement in the anti-ISIS effort this past December, after the Jordan pilot, Lt. Moaz al Kasasbeh was shot down over Syria and captured by the militant Islamist group. The UAE was concerned over the safety of their own pilots; and, contended that the U.S. did not have adequate search-and-rescue personnel and assets close enough to the conflict zone — should one of their aircraft/pilots be downed — by enemy fire, or other means.

This is welcome news, and the coalition needs to capitalize from a propaganda perspective on Arab television, radio, and social media networks. Thus far, the West has pretty much ceded the digital battlefield to the Islamic State; and, has not established any kind of influence operations campaign — as was done in WWII. “Why We Fight,” was a series of seven documentary films, commissioned by the U.S. Government during WWII; and directed by the legendary Hollywood producer, Frank Capra. The films were designed to persuade/influence American soldiers,the American public, and the world at large…..that the fight against Japan and Nazi Germany was a noble cause; and one, that America and her allies had to win.

We need a similar effort now; but, it has to be much more nimble, with a huge focus on using the Internet and social media — where the Islamic State has been so successful in getting its message out — no matter how despicable we may find it — and helped the militant recruit young males and females who have joined the Islamic State. The U.S., anti-ISIS coalition needs something more akin to a presidential campaign-style, social media effort, so responses to ISIS is near immediate; and, proactive. In a Presidential, Congressional, or Gubernatorial campaign, the political staffs are poised to pounce on any negative news made by their opponent, and also are proactive and go on the offense the entire length of the campaign. We need something like that — to undermine the effectiveness of the Islamic State’s ‘pitch,’ and appeal.

Rescue Attempt To Free American Female Hostage Apparently ‘Missed Saving Her By Moments In One Raid

Meanwhile, London’s TheDailyMailOnline, is reporting in its February 8, 2015 edition, that “the parents of the female American aid worker — were against the risky military rescue to get their daughter back; and, had appealed to the U.S. government to negotiate with the Islamic State in attempt to free her. But, London’s DailyMailOnline, reports that “U.S. Special Operations forces were incredibly close to rescuing Kayla Jean Muller, 26, during failed rescue mission attempt in July 2014. According to CBS News, the U.S. commandos actually found strands of what was believed to be Ms. Mueller’s hair at one location. ISIS had demanded $6M for her release.

Even if these rescue attempts fail; I believe they still have enormous value; and. lets the Islamic State know that we will not rest while our citizens are in their captivity; and, that they will constantly have to look over their shoulder — because we may come at any time. The only way to negotiate with these thugs — is with the barrel of a gun, or some other lethal means. V/R, RCP

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