BREAKING NEWS: Yemen Houthi Rebels Seize U.S. Embassy Vehicles In Sanna, Yemen, After Diplomats, Staff Leave

BREAKING NEWS: Yemen Houthi Rebels Seize U.S. Embassy Vehicles In Sanna, Yemen, After Diplomats, Staff Leave

Reuters News Agency is reporting this evening that “armed Houthi rebels in the Yemeni capital of Sanna seized U.S. Embassy vehicles — after the [U.S.] Ambassador and diplomats [remaining staff], left the country on Wednesday. Embassy employees reported that Houthi rebels “seized more than 20 vehicles, after the U.S. Embassy staff departed Sanna’s airport. The U.S., Britain, and France have all closed their embassies; and, evacuated their personnel, as the situation in the capital city of Yemen has descended into chaos. Maybe we should consider terminally disabling this kind of equipment in the future, to prevent this kind of thing; or, at least mitigate it. Perhaps we had planned to do so; but, had to evacuate so quickly that we were unable to disable or otherwise ensure that weapons and military equipment did not fall into the wrong hands.

This means that critical, actionable intelligence on al Qaeda in the Arabian Penninusla (AQAP), — a group that is certainly a serious threat to U.S. personnel and interests everywhere — will be harder to obtain. Hopefully Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and others can, and will provide the kind of critical intelligence we need in order to continue to prosecute the war against al Qaeda, and the Islamic State.

This deteriorating situation in Yemen creates a vacuum, and will no doubt be filled — as it is in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere in the region — by the darker angles of our nature. And, this situation further opens the door to Tehran to extend its influence, tentacles, and dominance in the region. The Houthi’s could essentially become a ‘client state of Iran,’ much as Hezbollah is in Lebanon. Iran is inexorably extending its reach throughout the region; and, it is deeply concerning to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Egypt, Israel and others. If Tehran were to develop a nuclear weapon; or, achieve a nuclear weapons breakout capability — as a result of any P5+1/Iran Nuclear Agreement. — the situation really escalates — and, look for Saudi Arabia — at a minimum — orchestrate some kind of nuclear weapons capability of its own. Whether that’s through some kind of publicly stated nuclear weapons agreement between Riyadh and Islamabad, or, by other demonstrable and verifiable means. Not good. V/R, RCP


  1. Spongedocks · · Reply

    The Pentagon also lost $400 million in advance gear before the embassy evacuation.

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