Losing Egypt: Putin Exploits Obama’s Slap At Ally; Decay Of U.S./Egyptian Relations Is Like Watching ‘Slow-Motion Train-Wreck’

Losing Egypt: Putin Exploits Obama’s Slap At Ally; Decay Of U.S./Egyptian Relations Is Like Watching ‘Slow-Motion Train-Wreck’


And, the foreign policy debacles of this White House just keep coming, like watching a slow-motion train-wreck. Russia’s Valdimir Putin just concluded a to-day visit to Cairo that was loaded with symbolism; and, reflects the disastrous foreign policy we’ve come to expect from this White House. As Benny Avni wrote in the February 10, 2015 edition of The New York Post, “Putin’s visit to Egypt this week, just pulled Cairo deeper into Moscow’s sphere of influence. While the Obama [White House] team tilt at windmills,” Mr. Avni writes, “the Russian President is well on his way to reversing a decades-old triumph of U.S. diplomacy…and, shifting the region’s balance of power his way.” It is heart-breaking to watch; and, it didn’t have to unfold this way. POTUS Obama and his national security team’s naive and misguided view of real-politics, is causing lasting damage to U.S. prestige and influence around the world; and, that unfortunate conclusion was in full display this week, as Russia’s Putin and Egypt’s President Sisi,

The Russian, government-funded, English-language network, The Russia Times (RT), “tweeted a photo of Putin “with the iconic, Russian-made Kalashnikov rifle,” Sharona Schwartz wrote in the February 10, 2015 edition of, The Blaze. The Russia Times described Putin’s visit to Egypt and the significance it held: “Putin’s visit gives a chance to both countries to send a message to the U.S.,demonstrating that they don’y need to follow its guidelines in foreign policy. Cairo, for its part, states that it can find support from players…other than America, to deal with its domestic troubles. For Moscow, it’s yet another testament that Washington’s narrative of Russia being internationally isolated, is mere wishful thinking.”

In an interview published Monday by the Egyptian newspaper al Ahram, Putin said the two countries were “actively discussing excluding the U.S. dollar; and instead, use their traditional currencies of rubles and Egyptian pounds.” Mr Avni made the observation that “Russia is doing a lot more business with the Arab world’s most populace country nowadays; adding that “it’s trade with Egypt rose to $4.5B in 2014. And, the $3B deal they [the two countries] reportedly signed late last year with Egypt, included Russian attack helicopters, and Mig-29 fighter jets” And, as a result of this most recent visit, Mr. Avni wrote that “the two [countries] inked an agreement for Russia to build Egypt’s first nuclear power plant.” What an incredible shame and an unforced error by the Obama administration.

And, all this comes after President Sisi made a courageous, clarion call for an Islamic Reformation; and stated that these militant Islamic extremists were — “Insulting the image of God.” He called for a sweeping revolution across the Arab world. “So, as Mr. Avni writes, “we need someone like Sisi, on that side of the world, to call it like it is. Yet, he constantly gets the back of our hand. Say what you will about Vladimir Putin,” Mr. Avni concludes, “Vladimir Putin knows an opening when he sees one.”

“With some wily moves, statesmen like Henry Kissinger managed to turn Cairo our way in the 1970s, after decades of Soviet influence,” Mr. Avni observes. “It was one of the Cold War’s major events, ending with POTUS jimmy Carter; and the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty [Camp David Accords], that holds up to this very day.”

Congress at leas should have strongly considered having President Sisi address a joint session of Congress. After all, the U.S. and the West has long complained that no prominent Arab leader or scholar has come out publicly and voiced strong opposition to what the Islamic State and al Qaeda are doing to twist and grossly distort the Koran and Islam. Now that we finally have the President of Egypt doing so — what has the West and Washington done? Nothing, but give Egypt the cold-shoulder. It is heart-breaking and a huge unforced error. And, it likely didn’t have to be. But, like just about everything else this administration touches in foreign policy…U..S. prestige and influence always seems to degrade and decay — with every move they make; and, especially, for the ones they don’t. V/R, RCP

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