Chinese Patrol Ships Enter Disputed Waters

While Ukraine/Russia, Iran Nuclear, and the Islamic State suck all the oxygen out of the room — China, in the Pacific — is expanding its reach and sphere of influence. RCP

Chinese Patrol Ships Enter Disputed Waters

© AP Photo/ Japan Maritime Safety Agency / File
Asia & Pacific
12:48 15.02.2015(updated 14:01 15.02.2015)

Japanese officials cried alarm on Sunday as Chinese patrol ships entered the waters of the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands, and Chinese officials vowed to increase their presence in the area.
Three Chinese patrol ships entered a Japanese-controlled disputed territory known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan and the Diaoyu Islands in China, Japan’s Coast Guard announced on Sunday.

According to Japanese news channel NHK, this is the fifth time that Chinese vessels entered the territory so far in 2015.

China’s State Oceanic Administration announced on Monday that it maintained regular patrols in the waters surrounding the islands in 2014 and plans to enhance patrols in 2015.

© Sputnik
China – Japan Dispute over Senkaku Isla

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