Mystery Brewing On Mars: Strange Plume More Than 150 Miles In Length From Surface, Hung Around For 10 Days

Mystery Brewing On Mars: Strange Plume More Than 150 Miles In Length From Surface, Hung Around For 10 Days

“The mystery plume originating from the atmosphere Mars, and stretching upwards 250km (155 miles, and spread out over a region measuring 300-600 miles wide) is larger than anything ever seen before,” regarding the red planet Ms.Rebecca Morelle wrote in the February 16, 2015 edition of the BBC. The maximum previously reported plume, detected by the Hubble telescope, was 62 miles. “The bright flames have died away; but, they were spotted on two occasions — lasting for 10 days each time — by astronomers in 2012,” according to today’s Russia Times. Writing in the Journal Nature, researchers believe the plume could be a large cloud, or an exceptionally large auora. However,” Ms. Morelle writes, “scientists are unsure how these [plumes] could have formed in the thin upper reaches of the Martian atmosphere.”

“It raises more questions than answers,” said Antonio Garcia Munoz, a planetary scientist from the European Space Agency. Amateur astronomers first spotted the strange plume in March 2012, above Mars’ southern atmosphere. The plume appeared twice, over a one-month period; and, each time lasted for about ten days — and, has not reappeared since. “One theory,” the BBC noted, is “the plume is a cloud of carbon dioxide, or water particles.” We know there are clouds on Mars; but, clouds up to this point, have been observed up to an altitude of 100km; and, we’re reporting a plume at 200km, so it is significantly different. We shouldn’t see any clouds [this far up in ] the atmosphere is too thin — so, the fact that we see it for 20 days is quite surprising.” Dr. Garcia Munoz said. “Another explanation,” the BBC noted, is “that this is a Martian version of the northern, or southern lights.”

Dr. Munoz Garcia explained, “We know this region of Mars, there have been auroras reported before. But, the intensities we are reporting are much, much higher, than any auroras seen before on Mars, or Earth. It would be 1,000 times stronger than the strongest aurora; and, it is difficult to come to terms that Mars has such an intense aurora. If either of these theories are right,” he added, “it would mean our understanding of Mars’ upper atmosphere is wrong.”

I have another theory, it is all the excess hot air being transferred from Earth — today’s White House meeting in Washington D.C./State Department — on ‘Violent Extremism.’ V/R, RCP


  1. You’re probably right.


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