Tehran Flexing Its ‘Muscles,’ Bombards Mock U.S. Aircraft Carrier In War Games/Naval Drills; Sending A Message To U.S., Gulf Neighbors — “We’re The Alpha Male Now”

Tehran Flexing Its ‘Muscles,’ Bombards Mock U.S. Aircraft Carrier In War Games/Naval Drills; Sending A Message To U.S., Gulf Neighbors — “We’re The Alpha Male Now”


As the U.S., and Iran, (known as the P5+1 talks) head into the final phase of the nuclear talks, Tehran’s Mullah’s are hedging their bets; and, sending a message to their Gulf neighbors — “We’re The New Alpha Male In The Region,” — :Get Used To It.” From Beirut, to Sanna, to Iraq and Syria, and beyond, Tehran is making good on its pursuit of regional hegemony; and, sending chills across the Gulf and the Fertile Crescent.

And, in the latest show of bravado, Iran is conducting military exercises/war games in the strategic, Strait of Hormuz and carrying out a simulated attack/strike on a mock U.S. Aircraft Carrier Numerous news outlets are reporting this afternoon, that these exercises also included the firing of anti-ship missiles — fired from the coast around the Strait of Hormuz. The exercises, named Prophet 9, were overseen by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards forces; and, also included “dozens of gunboats — making a beeline towards a built-to-scale [202 meter] American aircraft carrier…before bombarding it with cruise, and ballistic missiles,” according to the Russia Times.

“American aircraft carriers are very big ammunition depots, housing a lot of missiles, rockets, and torpedoes and everything else,” Navy Chief Admiral Ali Fadavi said on state television, as reported by the Associated Press. ADM. Fadavi added, that “a direct missile strike on a vessel such as an aircraft carrier…could set off a large, secondary explosion.”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Chief Commander, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, added that the aircraft carrier had been specially-built last April, — in order to be destroyed,” in these war games. “The Americans, and the entire world know that the American Navy is one of our targets; and, it will take us 50 seconds to destroy the U.S. warship,” Gen. Jafari said, according to the Jerusalem Post. Gen. Jafari added, the drills send a “message of [Iran’s] might to “extraterritorial powers,” a reference to the United States.

“Iranian gunboats also carried out other exercises during the drills, such as laying sea mines, and shooting down a drone. Reports also stated that Tehran fired surface-to-sea missiles, which can travel more than 5km; and, can avoid radar detection. Iran regularly carries out naval war games in the region, though this is the first time that a mock U.S. aircraft carrier has been used,” the Russia Times reported. At one point, from a camera from state-run television panned a banner which read: “If the Americans are ready to be buried at the bottom of the waters of the Persian Gulf — so be it,” a quote the Reuters News Agency reported came from Iran’s First Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khiomeini.

Meanwhile, Ali Larijani, who attended the drills, and is also the Iranian Parliament’s Speaker, said “Iran would keep on spending to boost defense spending.” “With attention to the situation in the region, we have noticeably expanded the defense budget of the Armed Forces…to ensure the stable security of the region,” Larijani told a news conference before the exercises, according to the Iranian state-run news agency, Fars News.

According to the Russia Times, in December, Iran conducted six days of drills in the Strait of Hormuz, that included the testing of warships, submarines, and a ‘suicide drone,’ — able to hit areial and ground targets, as well as ships. The drone, which is known as Yasir, is reportedly equipped with the state-of-the-art, light cameras for reconnaissance. It can fly for eight hours, with a range of 200km, and reach an altitude of 4,500 meters.”

Boy, after reading these comments, that is some really strong Kool Aid they’re drinking over there in Iran. Hopefully, they don’t really believe that nonsense; and, these comments were more for domestic consumption; and, a not so veiled, implied threat to their Gulf neighbors. Otherwise, this kind of rhetoric can sometimes take on a life of ts own; and, wishful thinking and unjustified bellicosity and miscalculation can cause overreach. But, there is no doubt that Iran’s Mullah’s likely feel on a roll right now, as the regions conflicts, and unrest — seems to be breaking their way. If their neighbors conclude that a nuclear deal with the West leaves Tehran with the ability for a rapid nuclear weapon breakout capability — then we’re going to see more nuclear proliferation throughout the region. Saudi Arabia would likely conclude some type of nuclear weapons use policy with Pakistan — probably within three months, or sooner — if that is the perception and conclusion — if an once a nuclear agreement between Iran and the West is completed. V/R, RCP

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