Putin Planning To Seize Key Ukrainian Port Of Mariupol In The Spring (2015), Warns America’s Top Intelligence Official; ‘Putin Wants To Capture And Conquer Ukraine’

Putin Planning To Seize Key Ukrainian Port Of Mariupol In The Spring (2015), Warns America’s Top Intelligence Official; ‘Putin Wants To Capture And Conquer Ukraine’


London’s TheDailyMailOnline, is reporting that The Director of National Intelligence, (DNI) Mr. James Clapper, “is predicting that Vladimir Putin plans to seize the strategic Ukrainian port of Mariupol in the spring. Such a move by pro-Moscow rebels, backed by the Russian Army, would be a key step in creating a land bridge and supply route — to annexed Crimea.”

Will Stewart, writing for TheDailyMailOnline, states the obvious: were this to happen, “it would amount to a huge escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.”

“It is our assessment, that he is bent on capturing, or conquering all of Ukraine,” said DNI Clapper. “He wants a whole entity composed of two oblasts, (regions) in eastern Ukraine…which would include a land bridge to Crimea; and, perhaps a port, specifically — Maruipol. We do not believe that an attack on Mariupol is imminent. I believe they will wait until the spring before they attack.”

“Ahead of a ceasefire, which has led to a lull in fighting in recent days, there were acute fears that pro-Moscow rebels were preparing an assault on Mariupol, a Sea of Azov port,” Mr. Stewart wrote. Rebels are now ‘reconstituting, and regrouping,’ Mr. Clapper warned. As Mr. Stewart notes, “Moscow has struggled to supply Crimea from mainland Russia, since annexing the Black Sea peninsula a year ago. For now, land transport depends on the use of ferry services across the Kerch Strait. A seizure of Mariupol would represent a huge defeat for Ukraine; and, its backers in the West who want to stall Putin’s alleged land grab strategy.”

DNI Clapper “made it clear he favors supplying arms to Kiev…to counter Russian expansionism.” Mr. Stweart writes that this was DNI Clapper’s “personal view; and, not necessarily the position of the U.S. Intelligence Community; but, DNI Clapper acknowledged that such a move could upset Putin…and, encourage him to give more powerful weapons to the rebels.” Putin only understands, and appreciates two things — strength and resolve. If we worry about ‘upsetting’ Putin — we have already lost — and, so has Ukraine. And, I think the POTUS and his clueless band of useful idiots at the National Security want a nuclear deal with Iran so badly — they will do just about anything to have Putin’s support on that issue — at the expense of Ukraine, That is a guess on my part.

LTG. Vince Stewart, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), “appeared to disagree with DNI Clapper, telling the same U.S. Senate Armed Services hearing that “the Russians will up the ante if we do any lethal aid, or take any actions to bolster the equation.”

It would seem that everyone has forgotten that Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal, after then POTUS Bill Clinton and the U.S. Senate agreed to a treaty with Ukraine. The United States agreed, if Ukraine would give up its nuclear weapons, the United States would guarantee its territorial sovereignty — as we have with Taiwan all these years. If we, the United States, stands idly by as Russia slowing envelops Ukraine — what country in its right mind would ever give up its nuclear weapons — ever again? We, the U.S., persuaded Libya President Qaddafi to give up his weapons of mass destruction, and he is now dead. We persuaded Ukraine to give up their nuclear weapons, and now the country is likely to lose its independent status and once again be under Moscow’s thumb. See a pattern here? The message isn’t good. V/R, RCP

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