Shares Of ACAD, CLDX, CAPN, ZIOP, MACK All Moved Higher Today


It is nice while it lasts. Shares of ACAD continue their steady climb towards the $40 mark, gaining 22 cents, or .68 percent to $38.23. There have been six analyst upgrades in the past week, all of them over $40, and some over $50. The key will be the company’s Pimavanserin experimental drug for Parkinson’s psychosis. The company is expected to hear from the FDA sometime this year on whether or not the company will get New Drug Approval (NDA) for its Pimvanserin drug. If they do, you won’t be able to get in fast enough as the melt-up will be sharp and likely substantial. The company would instantly become a very, very, attractive buyout/takeover candidate. On the other hand, if there is a delay, or the FDA asks that more clinical trials be done or extended, you probably wouldn’t be able to get out fast enough. Setting a floor or ceiling doesn’t guarantee that you will get the price you asked for. t truly is a roll of the dice so to speak, so, do your own due diligence and homework; and, understand your risk tolerance. That goes for all the companies I will write about this evening. I own shares in ACAD and have added to my position twice in the past three weeks.

CellDex (CLDX) shares remain on fire to start the week; much like it finished the past two weeks. Today, shares closed up $1.59, or +6.23 percent, to close at $27.13. The company received Breakthrough Therapy Designation from the FDA in January for its experimental Rindopepiment drug for the treatment of adult glioblastoma tumors. CLDX isn’t a one-trick pony, as they have other drugs also in clinical trials for breast and ovarian cancer. I own shares in CLDX and also added to my position in the past two weeks.

Shares of CAPN rose 11 cents, or 1.75 percent, to $6.41; while shares of ZIOP moved up 53 cents, or +4.71 percent, and closed at $11.79. I own shares in both. Make sure you do your own due diligence and homework before investing; and, understand your risk tolerance.

Finally, I will probably start a position in Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (MACK) tomorrow (Tue., March 3, 2015). Shares of MACK rose 57 cents, or +5.32 percent to $11.29; and, is up another 61 cents after today’s close — in after hours trading. It’s late for me — so, that’s all for this evening, V/R, RCP

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