DARPA Prepares For Arctic Operations

DARPA Prepares For Arctic Operations

Michael Peck, Contributing Writer 2:20 p.m. EST March 2, 2015

(Photo: U.S. Geological Survey)

As competition intensifies over Arctic resources, DARPA is seeking technologies that will enable reliable Arctic communications.

DARPA acknowledges the harsh climate and lack of supporting infrastructure. It is seeking systems that can be deployed rapidly above the Arctic Circle, that are environmentally benign and that can run for at least 30 days in the Arctic environment without refueling.

Resource: Read the pre-solicitation

“Systems should sense and report data on air, surface and/or undersea targets to permit detection, tracking and identification of these targets in accomplishing or contributing to a significant military mission. Systems should be capable of unmanned operation and provide for data exfiltration to a remote facility,” the document reads.

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