Fugitive, Ex-NSA Leaker Edward Snowden In Talks To Return To The United States

Fugitive, Ex-NSA Leaker Edward Snowden In Talks To Return To The United States


Reuters News Service is reporting this afternoon, (March 3, 2015) that “a Russian lawyer for Edward Snowden,” said the fugitive “is working with German and U.S. lawyers to return to the United States,” Anatoly Kucherena, who has links to the Kremlin, was speaking at a news conference to present a book he has written about his client,” according to Reuters. “I won’t keep it secret that he….wants to return back home. And, we are doing everything possible now to solve this issue. There is a group of U.S. lawyers, there is also a group of German lawyers, and I am dealing with the Russian side.

It was only last week that Mr. Snowden expressed how happy he was in Russia. He can stay there the rest of his life as far as I am concerned. Based on this administration’s past performance with respect to negotiating much of anything — and, this POTUS’s relationship with Hollywood, I am fearful that the Justice Department may give away too much; and, promise to take a life sentence in prison off the table. I hope they don’t. If the Germans, who apparently have a high opinion of Mr. Snowden — are asking too much — we have to tell them no.

The Islamic State, al Qaeda, drug kingpin’s and others, have altered and enhanced their use of encrypted communications, as well as changed and enhanced their techniques, tactics and procedures regarding how they communicate and travel — which has resulted in a degradation of our intelligence collection capabilities and the intelligence take versus these groups. Edward Snowden could well have the blood of innocent Americans on his hands at some point — due to providing the enemy with our sensitive intelligence sources and methods — thus putting all Americans — both here and abroad at greater risk from terrorism.

His ends, did not justify the means, nor what he recklessly revealed. V/R, RCP

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