CLDX Closes +11%; CAPN +16.7%; ZIOP +6.8%; ARWR +4.16% On Wednesday; CLDX, ZIOP, ARWR Surging In Pre-Market Opening Trading This Morning (Thur), March 5, 2015

CLDX Closes +11%; CAPN +16.7%; ZIOP +6.8%; ARWR +4.16% On Wednesday; CLDX, ZIOP, ARWR Surging In Pre-Market Opening Trading This Morning (Thur), March 5, 2015

Shares of CellDex Theraputics (CLDX) surged higher yesterday, climbing “$2.93, or 11.11 percent, to close at $29.30. CLDX shares rose on more than double the average volume — 4.9M shares traded yesterday (Wed.) versus an average trading day of 2,2M. This shows strong conviction. If shares break above $30, we could well see another surge as shorts will have to cover in what is commonly referred to as a “short squeeze,” as the shorts have to buy shares, pushing the stock price higher — because they be the stock was going to go down.

It is pretty exciting to be a shareholder in CLDX right now. The company received Breakthrough Therapy Designation (BTD) for its drug, Rintega, also known as Rindopepiut, on February 23, 2015 — to treat adults who suffer from EGFRvilll-positive glioblastoma (brain tumor). The FDA granted the priority status to Rintega, after successful Phase II studies on the drug. The stock is up another 66 cents this morning in pre-market trading and above the $30 mark. Pretty exciting right now.

Meanwhile, shares of Capnia Inc., (CAPN) rose $1.25, or +16.67 percent, to $8.75. The stock is giving a little of yesterday’s gains this morning in pre-market trading, down 36 cents as I write this email. The Redwood City, California-based company focuses on the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics based on its proprietary technologies for precision metering of gas flow. The company submitted an application to the FDA in January, seeking Orphan Drug Designation for its nasal, non-inhaled carbon dioxide (nasal CO2) technology for the treatment of trigeminal neuraliga. I added to my position in CAPN yesterday.

Shares of Ziopharm Oncology (ZIOP) also had a stellar day yesterday, rising 85 cents, or +6.8 percent to $13.34, also on huge volume — which is a very bullish sign. Nearly 9M shares were traded, and average daily volume is 3.7M. Shares are up another 74 cents this morning in pre-market trading. Shares of ZIOP have been steadily rising since the company announced a licensing agreement with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide the research hospital with its genetic technology.

Finally, shares of Arrowhead Research (ARWR) rose 30 cents yesterday, or +4.16 percent to close at $7.51. Shares are up in pre-market trading by another 52 cents, or 6.92 percent; after the company announced this morning — according to Reuters News Service, that it acquired Novartis AG’s RNAi assets, to fortify its position in the field of gene therapy that aims to wipe out disease-causing proteins,

I own shares in all these companies, but — make sure you do your own due diligence, and homework. Make sure you know your risk tolerance, time horizon, etc, Otherwise, good luck. V/R, RCP

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