‘Snowden Inspired’ Brazilian Company Claims To Have Developed Hack-Proof Cell Phone

‘Snowden Inspired’ Brazilian Company Claims To Have Developed Hack-Proof Cell Phone


The news website Sputnik International, has an article posted this evening on their website claiming that a Brazilian mobile device company — Sikur — “inspired by the Edward Snowden revelations — “has [reportedly] developed a spy-proof smartphone.” At last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain last week, the Brazilian company Sikur, unveiled its GranitePhone, which it advertised as the ideal mobile phone for “executives on the move that need to safeguard their data.” The company claims that “the company’s principal goal is to provide hack-proof security for its users.” “The company adds that the “smartphone features heavy encryption, which protect phone calls, text messages, and shared documents. It also comes equipped with antivirus software, and a wipe function which could allow users to delete their data remotely…should the phone be lost. The phone also features 16GB of internal storage, all of which the company claims — is robustly protected.”

“Sikur is also avoiding the attention of hackers, by using its own operating system, instead of Android, or iOS. Since those operating systems are placed on millions of phones, they’re more tempting targets for would-be cyber criminals. Leandro Coletti, Sikur’s Chief of Operating Systems, admitted the phone[‘s development stemmed from the Brazil’s concerns over NSA’s spying apparatus,” according to Sputnik News.

The publication adds that “the phone is already available for pre-order; and, it is expected to be released this summer. But, privacy comes with a steep price tag. Each GranitePhone costs a heafty $800.”

But, executives won’t be the only ones that will use this phone. al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and other malcontents, off-the-grid types, cyber criminal syndicates, among others, will also likely partake of this new technology — making the Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement’s job of ferreting out and discovering potential terrorist plots — much more difficult. If al Qaeda, or the Islamic State, or al Shabaab, or whatever group does carry out a successful, and costly [great loss of human life and infrastructure], and it is discovered that this kind of technology was used to avoid discovery — what happens then? Do we get a Patriot Act on steroids? V/R, RCP

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