ACAD +3% Thur; CLDX +1.64%; CAPN -15.7 (Sold It); MACK +6%; ARWR +5.73%

ACAD +3% Thur; CLDX +1.64%; CAPN -15.7 (Sold It); MACK +6%; ARWR +5.73%

Another very good day in the market yesterday, with the exception of CAPN, which I sold at the open yesterday. I decided I didn’t want to wait and see if the selling was overdone, when I had these others that were moving up on high volume. ACAD continues to climb nicely and is showing strength and conviction at it heads near the $40 mark. it all hinges on whether or not the company gets New Drug Approval this year from the FDA for its Pimavanserin drug for the treatment of Parkinson’s psychosis. A thumbs up, and this stock is going much higher; and, a delay, and you won’t be able to sell fast enough. So, if you decide to invest, make sure you do your own due diligence and homework; and understand your risk tolerance. I am betting ACAD gets a thumbs up — but, there are no guarantees.

CLDX has also been a star performer, and shares rose yesterday by 48 cents, or 1.64 percent, to close at $29.78. If we can break $30 and hold it, shorts will have to cover; and we could get another sharp move higher. The company received Breakthrough Therapy Designation in January for a drug in clinical trials that has shown promise against glioblastoma tumors. The company also has other drugs in various stages of clinical trials for the treatment of breast and colorectal cancer.

I sold CAPN at yesterday’s open since I had four stocks that were moving higher on good/solid volume — and, I decided to play the winners. MACK had a nice day yesterday, rising 70 cents, or 6 percent to $12.48. Meanwhile, ZIOP closed higher by 47 cents, or 3.52 percent to close at $13.81.

I added to ZIOP and ARWR yesterday. All for now. V/R, RCP

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