Russian Secret Service May Have ‘Liquidated’ Troops Who Shot Down MH17; And, ‘Are Planting Bugs On Smartphones And Laptops Of Investigators

Russian Secret Service May Have ‘Liquidated’ Troops Who Shot Down MH17; And, ‘Are Planting Bugs On Smartphones And Laptops Of Investigators

Will Stewart, writing in the March 6, 2015 edition of TheDailyMailOnline, writes that “Russian secret Services may have executed the troops suspected of shooting down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-7,” according to sources involved in the investigation of the crash [deliberate downing] over eastern Ukraine July 17, 2014, killing all 298 passengers and crew on-board. The Dutch-led probe is leaning towards the conclusion that a BUK missile, fired from pro-Russian held territory — downed the Boeing 777, Mr. Stewart writes. “And, it is highly likely the aircraft was shot out of the sky…by Russian military personnel,” according to a [draft] report by the Netherlands state broadcaster NOS, citing anonymous sources in the police; and, the group of investigators working on the probe into the plane’s loss [downing]. “My sources believe that these people might have changed their identities; or, even been executed by the Russian Secret Service — in order to hide everything,” said Dutch journalist Robert Bas. “Those who allegedly shot the missiles at the Boeing [MH17], have [reportedly] been ‘untraceable’ for investigators. So, in the end, there may be no trial, unfortunately, just the report on the results of the investigation.’ he added.

TheDailyMail adds that “sources close to the investigation also complain that they are under siege from persistent attempts by Russian secret services…to hack their computer system; and, plant spyware software on their smartphones,” the NOS. Mr. Stewart writes that “phones and laptops used by investigators in Ukraine, had to be ‘destroyed’, because they were infected with spyware,” according to these same sources.

The investigation into the downing of flight MH17, is scheduled to report its findings this October, but NOS says its claims are based on ‘several anonymous sources in the police and the investigators,” Mr. Stewart noted. The shooting down of MH17 by pro-Russian rebels is the most likely conclusion; but, there are other potential reasons for the downing, according to investigators. The Russian media claims that flight MH17 was ‘hit by a Ukrainian warplane that they claim was in the vicinity at the time of the crash on July 17. Does anyone really believe that? Please.

The Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, “cited an expert saying the holes in the fuselage of the crashed plane did not match that normally caused by a BUK missile. At least 9 holes were found which are typical for the damage from an air-to-air missile, suggesting MH17 was downed by another plane,” the paper said

Typical Russian disinformation. Maybe those in Russia will buy this scenario; but, for just about everyone else, I think the Russian theory will be labeled as hyperbolic poppycock.

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