U.S. Wary Of China, Seeks Deeper Ties With India Ahead Of The

the economic times (India)

U.S. Wary Of China, Seeks Deeper Ties With India Ahead Of The
First Indo-US Space Security Dialogue

By PTI | 5 Mar, 2015, 04.27PM IST

NEW DELHI: Expressing concern over China developing “disruptive and destructive”
counter-space capabilities, U.S. today sought deeper cooperation with India ahead
of the first Indo-US Space Security Dialogue here.

Underlining that threats to space services are increasing as potential adversaries pursue disruptive and destructive counter-space capabilities Frank Rose, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, said his country has a comprehensive strategy to deal with it.

He said that Chinese military writings highlight the need to interfere with, damage and destroy reconnaissance navigation and communication satellites.

“China has satellite-jamming capabilities and is pursuing a full suite of anti-satellite systems,” Rose said in his talk at the Observer Research Foundation.

Noting that both the US and China have an interest in maintaining long-term
sustainability of space environment, he said, “Let me also be very clear, the US remains concerned about China’s continued development and testing of anti- satellite weapons. Period”.

He said China was moving forward with the development of full spectrum capability and had conducted destructive satellite test (A-SAT) in 2007 and a non-destructive test on July 23, 2014.

Rose said China sees space as an area of vulnerability and Beijing’s view is that by denying the US access to space, it can deny America certain advantage.

“The US has a comprehensive strategy to deal with that threat, which includes developing rules of the world for use of outer-space and also making our system more resilient.

“Let me also be clear that the US views space, as articulated in our
2010 National Space Policy, as vital to our national security. We will defend our capabilities,” he said

The senior American official underlined that this does not necessarily mean the
US is going to attack Chinese space systems, “but we will respond

Rose, who is here for the first India-US Space Security
Dialogue on Monday, said that given the threat and risks, he believes that one
of the most obvious and most beneficial areas of cooperation between the two
countries is in the establishment of rules of the road for outer-space

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