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Nearly Every U.S. Arms Program Found Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Nearly Every U.S. Arms Program Found Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks Reuters, Jan. 20 | Andrea Shalal WASHINGTON — Nearly every U.S. weapons program tested in fiscal 2014 showed “significant vulnerabilities” to cyber attacks, including misconfigured, unpatched and outdated software, the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester said in his annual report released Tuesday. Michael Gilmore, director of […]

7 Cyber Security 2014 Black-Hat Sessions ‘Sure To Cause A Stir’

Seven Black-Hat Sessions Sure To Cause A Stir Erika Chickowski had an article (July 22, 2014) on the cyber security website ‘Dark Reading,” with the title above. The annual Black Hat Conference of the top minds in cyber security, is about to begin its annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Nevada, August 2- August 7, […]

At Least 1 Of Taliban 5 Played Key Role/Paved Way For 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Against U.S.

One Of The Taliban 5 Played Key Role In Paving The Way For 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Against U.S. Thomas Joscelyn has an article in the upcoming (June 23, 2014) publication of The Weekly Standard, “Their 9/11 Role: The Taliban 5 Are Even Worse Than You’ve Heard.” He writes that “one of the five senior […]

It’s Not Beijing’s Hackers You Should Be Worried About, It’s Moscow’s

It’s Not Beijing’s Hackers You Should Be Worried About, It’s Moscow’s (The Complex), Apr. 22 | Shane Harris When U.S. officials warn of the threat foreign cyber spies pose to American companies and government agencies, they usually focus on China, which has long been home to the world’s most relentless and aggressive hackers. But […]

Hacker Built Drone Can Hunt, Hijack Other Drones

Hacker-Built Drone Can Hunt, Hijack Other Drones       I wrote earlier today about malware that can covertly jump air-gaps in sensitive facilities, now comes word that a security researcher has released software and technical instructions for modifying a droneso it can identify and hijack other drones (SkyJack presentation video).  A couple of days removed from […]

Dissecting Operation Troy: Cyber Espionage In South Korea

Dissecting Operation Troy: Cyber Espionage in South Korea See at link below:

Whose Responsibility Is Interoperability?

A long debated and contested issue in the Department. V/R, R.C. Porter Whose Responsibility is Interoperability? by John R. Deni Journal Article | June 26, 2013 – 2:30am Disclaimer: The views expressed are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Government, the U.S. Department of Defense, or the U.S. […]