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The Complexities of the Nuclear Weapons Landscape

The Complexities of the Nuclear Weapons Landscape Rebeccah Heinrichs / February 07, 2014 / Leave a comment Two recently released government reports show that the worldwide nuclear threat is getting more complex and more dangerous. The Defense Science Board (DSB) report shows how hard it can be to develop plans for even monitoring the nuclear […]

Director of National Intelligence Statement For Record On Worldwide Threat Assessment (Feb. 26, 2015)

Unclassified_2015_ATA_SFR_-_SASC_FINAL The Director of National Intelligence’s Statement For The Record Of The U.S. Intelligence Community’s Worldwide Threat Assessment, Feb. 26, 2015,before the Senate Armed Services Committee can be downloaded from the link above; or, go to the Director of National Intelligence website and you can download from their webpage. V/R, RCP

Vilnius Analysts: Russia Could Try Conventional Attack Against Lithuania The Baltic Times Vilnius Analysts: Russia Could Try Conventional Attack Against Lithuania 2015-02-19 by Paul Goble Lithuania shares a border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Staunton, February 17 – Most analysts have become so focused on Vladimir Putin’s use of “hybrid war” that they do not take into consideration that he could choose […]

Managing the ISIS Crisis: By Richard N. Haass

Excerpts: Those who object to calling the Islamic State a state have a point. In many ways, IS is a hybrid: part movement, part network, and part organization. Nor is it defined by geography. But it does control territory, boasts some 20,000 fighters, and, fueled by religious ideology, has an agenda. … Ultimately, of course, […]

The Islamic State’s Dangerous Gains in Libya Pose A Threat To Europe Islamic State Advance in Libya Could Present Threat to Europe A Threat to Europe: The Islamic State’s Dangerous Gains in Libya By Mirco Keilberth and Christoph Reuter A video grab shows militants loyal to the Islamic State marching Egyptian Coptic Christians to their deaths by beheading in Libya. Rival militias in Libya have thrown […]

The Real Reason Egypt Is Buying Fighter Jets From France

The Real Reason Egypt Is Buying Fighter Jets From France Noah Rayman @noahrayman Feb. 14, 2015 Dubai Air Show Bloomberg—Bloomberg via Getty Images A Rafale fighter jet aircraft, manufactured by Dassault Aviation SA, is seen performing an aerial display during the 13th Dubai Airshow at Dubai World Central (DWC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on […]

The Ukraine Crisis: The Kremlin Is Winning

THE UKRAINE CRISIS The Kremlin Is Winning LILIA SHEVTSOVA How the West uses a collection of “myths” about Russia to deceive itself about its own impotence. http://www.the-american- kremlin-is-winning/ Ukraine is a victim of both the Russian System’s struggle for survival and the West’s inability to protect the international legal space. For the West, ending […]