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Understanding 4GW, The First Step To Winning The Long War

Understanding 4GW, the first step to winning the Long War 24 JANUARY 2015 HTTP://FABIUSMAXIMUS.COM/2015/ 01/24/MILITARY-THEORY-4GW- LONG-WAR-77139/ by GI Wilson Summary: in the 65 years after Mao bought 4th generation war to maturity, 25 years after the article coining the term, we continue to send our troops out to fight 4GW wars in foreign lands. We […]

Asymmetric Warfare Goes Both Ways; Using Asymmetry To Our Advantage

Excerpt: In his groundbreaking 1973 book by the same name, Russell Weigley described The American Way of War as one of attrition and annihilation. During the Revolutionary War, Americans fought from a relative absolute position of weakness, and had to apply lots of asymmetric creativity to do that. Increasingly, however, Americans have been able to […]

Commandos Vs. Roadside Bombs: Pentagon Worried Its Elite Forces Aren’t Ready To Spot Afghanistan IEDs

Commandos Versus Roadside Bombs The Pentagon is worried its elite forces aren’t ready to spot Afghanistan IEDs boring/commandos-versus- roadside-bombs-28bb6539b1bd After more than a decade of fighting in Afghanistan, the Pentagon is worried that American commandos might not be able to spot and avoid roadside bombs. The Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization-or JIEDDO-outlined these […]