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‘Thugs Wanted – Bring Your Own Boots’: How Isis Attracts Foreign Fighters To Its Twisted Utopia

An excerpt from their forthcoming book. ‘Thugs Wanted – Bring Your Own Boots’: How Isis Attracts Foreign Fighters To Its Twisted Utopia Isis has been hugely successful in attracting western violence junkies. Some are drawn by the prospect of adventure – and recruiters are increasingly promoting a sense of inclusion and purpose in the caliphate […]

From Cyberspace To Africa, The CIA Looks To Fights Of The Future

Excerpt: He said a better setup is in place at the State Department, which assigns assistant secretaries of state responsibility for geographic regions and other mission areas.”We don’t have the equivalent of an assistant secretary here,” he said. “We’re going to address that.” Each mission center will combine personnel from all directorates and be led […]

Quds Force Leader, Commanding Iraqi Forces Against ISIS, Alarms Washington

Quds Force Leader, Commanding Iraqi Forces Against ISIS, Alarms Washington Excerpt: The presence of Suleimani at the forefront of Iraqi forces’efforts to reclaim Tikrit from ISIS control underscores both the expanding influence of Iran on the central Iraqi government and the increasingly critical role that Shi’ite militiamen, thought to be operating under Quds command, are […]

U.S. Strategy in Iraq Increasingly Relies on Iran

U.S. Strategy in Iraq Increasingly Relies on Iran By HELENE COOPERMARCH 5, 2015 03/06/world/middleeast/us- strategy-in-iraq-increasingly- relies-on-iran.html?emc=edit_ th_20150306&nl= todaysheadlines&nlid=175827 Photo A Shiite cleric addressed Iraqi soldiers and Shiite fighters on Monday, before they began a campaign to retake control of Tikrit. CreditThaier Al-Sudani/Reuters WASHINGTON – At a time when President Obama is under political pressure […]

Pentagon Calls Mosul Briefing A Mistake By CENTCOM

Excerpt: “He’s conducting an internal inquiry,” Dempsey said, adding that he is confident Austin will “take the appropriate action.” He did not say what that might be. The briefing was done by an officer at Central Command headquarters in Tampa, Florida. He spoke by phone to a group of reporters in the Pentagon on condition […]

A Weak America Is A Recipe For Disaster

A Weak America Is A Recipe For Disaster By Dakota L. Wood Published: March 1, 2015 opinion/a-weak-america-is-a- recipe-for-disaster-1.332179? utm_source=feedburner&utm_ medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed% 3A+starsandstripes%2Fgeneral+% 28Stars+and+Stripes%29 The world seems to be becoming more dangerous these days. Not so coincidentally, America’s military power continues to decline rapidly. Before considering how and why, here’s a snapshot of what’s happening around […]

U.S. Begins Vetting Syrian Rebels For Military Training: Pentagon

After the Syrian Red Line that wasn’t, followed by the Mosul Offensive that isn’t — the Syrian Rebels may want to start vetting us. Maj. Gen. Nagata — whom I worked for and with — is a great soldier and a great American. I just hope he is not undermined by the sheer incompetence coming […]