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‘Thugs Wanted – Bring Your Own Boots’: How Isis Attracts Foreign Fighters To Its Twisted Utopia

An excerpt from their forthcoming book. ‘Thugs Wanted – Bring Your Own Boots’: How Isis Attracts Foreign Fighters To Its Twisted Utopia Isis has been hugely successful in attracting western violence junkies. Some are drawn by the prospect of adventure – and recruiters are increasingly promoting a sense of inclusion and purpose in the caliphate […]

Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT) Intel Assessment of ISIS

The entire 216 page report can be accessed here. https://publicintelligence. net/soccent-isil-assessment/ Matthew Aid Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT) Intel Assessment of ISIS March 8, 2015 The website has placed online a 217-page assessment of ISIS, entitled Special Operations Command Central Multi-Method Assessment of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, dated December 2014. […]

Lure of the Caliphate

The New York Review Of Books Lure of the Caliphate Malise Ruthven Feb. 28, 2015 Art Resource Tombs of the Caliphs in Cairo, Egypt, circa 1880 It has now become clear that Barack Obama is under enormous pressure to intensify the campaign against ISIS. Last week, as the White House held a summit on countering […]

UH…Never Mind: Pentagon Scrubs Major Mosul Offensive Against Islamic State

What a disaster this White House and National Security team are. The incompetence is breathtaking. After the Syrian Red Line that wasn’t, you would have thought they had learned something. Apparently not. Why should Putin, the leaders of Iran, China, North Korea, and our allies such as Israel, Japan, South Korea, etc. believe anything that […]

Top Intelligence Official: U.S. Facing ‘Unprecedented’ Array of Threats

While the POTUS and Ms. Rice/SECSTATE Kerry worry about polar bears……… Excerpt: In his remarks, Reid led the audience on a global tour of what he described as an “unprecedented” plethora of challenges facing the United States, from the rise of the Islamic State and other violent Islamist extremist groups to the Ebola epidemic in […]

BREAKING NEWS: Islamic State Militant Known As ‘Jihadi John’ Identified

BREAKING NEWS: Islamic State Militant Known As ‘Jihadi John’ Identified Numerous news outlets are reporting that the notorious Islamic State militant known as ‘Jihadi John,’ — who has appeared in numerous beheading videos — has been unmasked and his identity is now known by British authorities. The British citizen’s name is Mohammad Emwazi, of […]

ISIS vs. Al Qaeda: Jihadism’s Global Civil War

Excerpt: But there is one person for whom the Islamic State’s rise is even more frightening: Ayman al-Zawahiri. Although the Al Qaeda leader might be expected to rejoice at the emergence of a strong jihadist group that delights in beheading Americans (among other horrors), in reality the Islamic State’s rise risks Al Qaeda’s demise. When […]