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From Cyberspace To Africa, The CIA Looks To Fights Of The Future

Excerpt: He said a better setup is in place at the State Department, which assigns assistant secretaries of state responsibility for geographic regions and other mission areas.”We don’t have the equivalent of an assistant secretary here,” he said. “We’re going to address that.” Each mission center will combine personnel from all directorates and be led […]

UH…Never Mind: Pentagon Scrubs Major Mosul Offensive Against Islamic State

What a disaster this White House and National Security team are. The incompetence is breathtaking. After the Syrian Red Line that wasn’t, you would have thought they had learned something. Apparently not. Why should Putin, the leaders of Iran, China, North Korea, and our allies such as Israel, Japan, South Korea, etc. believe anything that […]

Top Intelligence Official: U.S. Facing ‘Unprecedented’ Array of Threats

While the POTUS and Ms. Rice/SECSTATE Kerry worry about polar bears……… Excerpt: In his remarks, Reid led the audience on a global tour of what he described as an “unprecedented” plethora of challenges facing the United States, from the rise of the Islamic State and other violent Islamist extremist groups to the Ebola epidemic in […]

Douglas MacArthur And The Pivot to Asia

Excerpt: “We were nine months in travel,” MacArthur wrote, “traversing countless miles of lands so rich in color, so fabled in legend, so vital to history that the experience was without doubt the most important factor of preparation in my entire life.” He continued: The true historic significance and the sense of destiny that these […]

Exposed: China’s Super Strategy to Crush America in a War Published on The National Interest ( Exposed: China’s Super Strategy to Crush America in a War [1] Harry J. Kazianis [2] [3] We all know that the chances of a U.S.-Sino war in Asia [4] are remote— thank God. With hundreds of billions of dollars in bilateral trade, the strong possibility that such a […]

Projecting Strategy: The Myth of Chinese Counter-intervention

Projecting Strategy: The Myth of Chinese Counter-intervention January 26, 2015 by M. Taylor Fravel and Christopher P. Twomey In analyses of China’s military modernization, it has become increasingly common to describe China as pursuing a “counter-intervention” strategy in East Asia. Such a strategy aims to push the United States away from China’s littoral, forestalling […]

Chinese Patrol Ships Enter Disputed Waters

While Ukraine/Russia, Iran Nuclear, and the Islamic State suck all the oxygen out of the room — China, in the Pacific — is expanding its reach and sphere of influence. RCP Chinese Patrol Ships Enter Disputed Waters © AP Photo/ Japan Maritime Safety Agency / File Asia & Pacific 12:48 15.02.2015(updated 14:01 15.02.2015) Japanese […]