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‘Thugs Wanted – Bring Your Own Boots’: How Isis Attracts Foreign Fighters To Its Twisted Utopia

An excerpt from their forthcoming book. ‘Thugs Wanted – Bring Your Own Boots’: How Isis Attracts Foreign Fighters To Its Twisted Utopia Isis has been hugely successful in attracting western violence junkies. Some are drawn by the prospect of adventure – and recruiters are increasingly promoting a sense of inclusion and purpose in the caliphate […]

Osama Bin Laden’s Files: The Arab Revolutions

Osama Bin Laden’s Files: The Arab Revolutions BY THOMAS JOSCELYN | March 3rd, 2015 | | @thomasjoscelyn archives/2015/03/osama-bin- ladens-files-the-arab- revolutions.php Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.46.02 AM As the so-called “Arab Spring” swept through the Muslim-majority world in 2011, some US officials and counterterrorism analysts proclaimed that al Qaeda had been left “on the […]

U.S. Intelligence-Sharing Leaves Ukraine In The Dark

An remember, the U.S. — is to a large degree — responsible for the predicament Ukraine finds itself in. Then POTUS Bill Clinton persuaded Ukraine to give up its nuclear arsenal in exchange for a treaty between the U.S, and Ukraine — that if Ukraine gave up its nukes — we — the United States […]

UH…Never Mind: Pentagon Scrubs Major Mosul Offensive Against Islamic State

What a disaster this White House and National Security team are. The incompetence is breathtaking. After the Syrian Red Line that wasn’t, you would have thought they had learned something. Apparently not. Why should Putin, the leaders of Iran, China, North Korea, and our allies such as Israel, Japan, South Korea, etc. believe anything that […]

Top Intelligence Official: U.S. Facing ‘Unprecedented’ Array of Threats

While the POTUS and Ms. Rice/SECSTATE Kerry worry about polar bears……… Excerpt: In his remarks, Reid led the audience on a global tour of what he described as an “unprecedented” plethora of challenges facing the United States, from the rise of the Islamic State and other violent Islamist extremist groups to the Ebola epidemic in […]

Questions About The War On The Terrorists

Excerpts: The mission question is really two questions: Where do you want the intelligence community to focus its limited resources, and how do you want to deal with the terrorism issue, specifically? If you see the United States as a global power with global interests, then you want a global intelligence capability and a global […]

Managing the ISIS Crisis: By Richard N. Haass

Excerpts: Those who object to calling the Islamic State a state have a point. In many ways, IS is a hybrid: part movement, part network, and part organization. Nor is it defined by geography. But it does control territory, boasts some 20,000 fighters, and, fueled by religious ideology, has an agenda. … Ultimately, of course, […]