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U.S. Intelligence Veterans Oppose Brennan’s CIA Reorganization Plan

U.S. Intelligence Veterans Oppose Brennan’s CIA Reorganization Plan March 9, 2015 2015/03/09/us-intel-vets- oppose-brennans-cia-plan/ The original idea of the CIA was to have independent-minded experts assessing both short- and longer-term threats to U.S. national security. Mixing with operations and politics was always a danger, which is now highlighted by CIA Director Brennan’s reorganization, opposed by […]

Snowden Reveals Information On New Zealand’s Secret Spy Base In Waihopai Snowden Reveals Information on New Zealand’s Secret Spy Base in Waihopai Sputnik News 21:19 08.03.2015(updated 21:24 08.03.2015) The recent documents revealed by Edward Snowden show how closely New Zealand is working with the NSA to maintain surveillance coverage on the South-Pacific region. Newly revealed documents from National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the […]

Cyber Warriors Need Not Be Soldiers

Cyber Warriors Need Not Be Soldiers By Jeremy Hsu | March 8, 2015 9:58 pm http://blogs.discovermagazine. com/lovesick-cyborg/2015/03/ 08/cyber-warriors-need-not- soldiers/#.VP1oGIHF_V0 The Cyber Operations Center on Fort Gordon, Ga., is home to signal and military intelligence non-commissioned officers, who watch for and respond to network attacks from adversaries as varied as nation-states, terrorists and “hacktivists.” Credit: Michael […]

Kremlin Conducting Electronic Warfare Against Ukraine; Cell Phones Don’t Work

Kremlin Tech Jams Ukrainian Airwaves The equipment is far too fancy to come from anywhere except Russia by ADAM RAWNSLEYUkrainian troops are blind and deaf on the battlefield. Kiev’s members of parliament suddenly discover their cell phones don’t work. International observers watching the war lose contact with their drones and can’t do their job. Welcome […]

CIA’S Brennan To Overhaul Spy Agency’s Management Structure

Excerpts: The changes come against a backdrop of widespread concern that the CIA’s focus on hunting and killing terrorists since the Sept. 11 attacks has led to an erosion of the espionage and analytic capabilities the agency built during the Cold War. The CIA, along with other U.S. intelligence agencies, wrongly assessed the presence of […]

Defector: North Korean Hackers Threaten West

Defector: North Korean Hackers Threaten West Kim Heung-gwangKim Heung-gwang more > Ads by Adblade By Bill Gertz – – Wednesday, March 4, 2015 A North Korean defector who once helped train Pyongyang’s military hackers warned this week that the totalitarian regime is a major cybersecurity threat to the United States and other nations. Kim Heung-gwang, […]

‘Snowden Inspired’ Brazilian Company Claims To Have Developed Hack-Proof Cell Phone

‘Snowden Inspired’ Brazilian Company Claims To Have Developed Hack-Proof Cell Phone The news website Sputnik International, has an article posted this evening on their website claiming that a Brazilian mobile device company — Sikur — “inspired by the Edward Snowden revelations — “has [reportedly] developed a spy-proof smartphone.” At last week’s Mobile World Congress […]