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American Drone Operators Are Quitting in Record Numbers

American Drone Operators Are Quitting in Record Numbers Excerpt: “Everyone else thinks that the whole program or the people behind it are a joke, that we are video-game warriors, that we’re Nintendo warriors,” Brandon Bryant, a former drone camera operator who worked at Nellis Air Force Base, told Democracy Now. Certainly, there is nothing second-class […]

Next-Generation Drone Warfare: Interview with Paul Scharre

February 24, 2015 Next-Generation Drone Warfare: Interview with Paul Scharre By John Waters http://www.realcleardefense. com/articles/2015/02/24/the_ next_generation_in_drone_ warfare_107660.html Editor’s Note: The below is an RCD Interview with Paul Scharre, a Fellow and Director of the20YY Warfare Initiative at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). From 2008-2013, Mr. Scharre worked in the Office of the […]

What Future War Has In Store: “Everything You Think…Is Wrong”

What War Has In Store opinion/ollivant-future-of- war/index.html By Douglas A. Ollivant Updated 7:22 AM ET, Mon February 23, 2015 Douglas A. Ollivant, a senior fellow at New America, served as director for Iraq at the National Security Council during the Bush and Obama administrations. He is senior vice president of Mantid International LLC, a […]

Pentagon Asks For More Funds For High-Tech Weapons

Pentagon Asks For More Funds For High-Tech Weapons By Agence France-Presse on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 In a bid to keep the US military’s technological edge, President Barack Obama’s proposed budget for 2016 calls for an increase in defense spending to pay for high-tech weapons and training. The $585 billion request for the Pentagon would […]

Understanding 4GW, The First Step To Winning The Long War

Understanding 4GW, the first step to winning the Long War 24 JANUARY 2015 HTTP://FABIUSMAXIMUS.COM/2015/ 01/24/MILITARY-THEORY-4GW- LONG-WAR-77139/ by GI Wilson Summary: in the 65 years after Mao bought 4th generation war to maturity, 25 years after the article coining the term, we continue to send our troops out to fight 4GW wars in foreign lands. We […]

Rise Of The Machines: A Brief Glimpse At Use Of Robots In War

CONNECT 7 TWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMOREA Brief Glimpse At The Use Of Robotics In Warfare The Legged Squad Support System (LS3) walks around the Kahuku Training Area July 10, 2014 during the Rim of the Pacific 2014 exercise. Rise Of The Machines. Every year it seems like more and more of what we once considered science fiction is […]

Combat Robot-Avatar Revealed to Russian President Putin Combat Robot-Avatar Revealed to Russian President Putin © Sputnik/ Michael Klimentyev Military & Intelligence 22:29 20.01.2015(updated 10:47 21.01.2015) 69343210 A new robot-avatar, designed to have functions comparable to those of a human being, was revealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Central Institute for Scientific Research Tochmash on Tuesday. MOSCOW, January 20 (Sputnik) […]